Slave Tongue vs. Goddess Poop (A Scat Game) ($19.99 ScatShop)

Today my slave´s tongue has to compete against my asshole. Is his tongue strong enough to keep my poop from coming out? If not he will have to swallow it all…

First I train my slave´s tongue by making him lick different parts of my body. His tongue has to lick my nylon feet my ass and armpits, while I talk dirty to him.

Then I sit on his face and make him sniff my asshole. After a long & sexy round of clothed facesetting, I take off my panties. Now my toilet bitch has to lick my asshole extensively. I tell him to stick his tongue up my ass.
Will it resist my poop?

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SG-Video – Scat Kisses Lesbian Erotic Russian Babes By Jelena And Tiana

SG-Video - Scat Kisses Lesbian Erotic Russian Babes By Jelena And Tiana 00001
SG-Video - Scat Kisses Lesbian Erotic Russian Babes By Jelena And Tiana 00002
SG-Video - Scat Kisses Lesbian Erotic Russian Babes By Jelena And Tiana 00003

Here we are with the new lesbian love scat kisses movie with two amazing russian young babes. Amazing beautiful girls Tiana and Jelena make shit into mouth and kiss erotical with the mouth full of shit. Tiana is a real lesbian babe, and real pervert and this you can see in this movie. So see her in her first scat movie with amazing sequenses af pissing and shit games. Jelene pees in very nice position in her face and mouth during Tiana is full of shit , that looks sooo sexy and hot. And Jeleana you already know, she is a pervert young russian babe with no limits and she plays so natural, her shit is amazing quality like finest caviar and her pee, i mean woow. So dont miss that new lesbian scat kisses erotic movie and let us know in the comments.
The girls start playing in the kitchen, kissing and fingering their pussies, then they move into the bedroom with Jelena shitting into Tiana’s mouth. I like how Jelena gets sick and even pukes a little bit when Tiana kisses her whith shit in her mouth. Tiana also shits in Jelena’s mouth and there’s lots of kissing between the two. They say it’s the first time for Tiana, but to me it looks like she is more used to scat than Jelena. They play a lot with shit in their mouth, swapping between each other, smearing it all over their bodies. Jelena pisses in Tiana’s mouth with her head upside down at the edge of the bed, she also pisses in a bucket in the end and pours it all on Tiana.

SG-Video - Scat Kisses Lesbian Erotic Russian Babes By Jelena And Tiana.ScrinList

Name: SG-Video – Scat Kisses Lesbian Erotic Russian Babes By Jelena And Tiana
Permission: UltraHD 4K
Duration: 00:24:08
File size : 2.04 GB
Resolution : 3840 @ 2160


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ScatShop – TinaAmazon SiteScatRip

TinaAmazon is a gorgeous young lady, tall with a tight body and nice fake tits. Oh yeah, she also loves to shit, play with it, suck on it, you name it. The beautiful girl with the nasty acts is a winning combination. This pack is a siterip of her Scatshop page and includes 53 videos that include such acts as: shitting, shit smearing, putting shit in mouth, panty pooping, dirty talk, dirty anal toying and much more!!!

I’m a 6 foot goddess who loves showing off her body and feeding you my shit.
I’m not posting new videos at the moment but I am still selling shit packages. Xo

I love pushing out big thick logs and cumming. I also love tasting my shit 😉
I love taking huge shits and playing with them and I am sure you will too ?
Message me for a discount if buying more than one video!
Now selling my yummy shit. Don’t miss out. Xo



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Squirting shitty solo – wastedwetness ($22.99 ScatShop)

My wife was at work and I was home alone. As I started to upload our video on here, seeing what my wife and I created made my clit swell and begin to throb. As I became more and more aroused, I could feel the fullness inside me. I needed a poo. I wanted to record myself shitting on our bed. Watching our video clips back, (even of myself shitting solo) turn me on.
I’m amazed this video is 37 minutes long! Time really does fly when you’re having fun. In this video you’ll see me up close (excellent quality) and personal.
I play with myself. Rubbing and fingering my wet pussy and arsehole as I’m pushing my firm shit out. The crackling noise of my shit emerging are fantastic. As I push some more you see my shit poking out. I can’t stop touching it! It feels amazing. I piss as I’m pushing some more. My warm piss trickling down my body. You can see streaks of white as it’s mixed with my wetness. After the first lump comes flying out, I play and push some more. Groaning with pleasure. I push more shit out. This time my lumps of shit are more mushy on the outside but firm on the inside. A little more soft scoop consistency. A couple of pieces of sweetcorn are spotted. I’m at my height of pleasure now and lose all inhibitions. I smear my shit all over my arsehole, arsecheeks. Fingering my arsehole. I get my vibrator and start fucking myself with it. I’m so incredibly wet! As I fuck myself harder and faster you can see in great detail, my wetness run out of my pussy down to my arsehole. At 23 minutes (and 23 seconds) I fuck faster, moan more, feel the pressure building…I’m going to squirt! Doing the same I squirt again at 23:50. My female ejectulated fluid is running out of my pussy, down to my arsehole as I squirt again at 24:25. 24:51 I squirt again followed by an amazing orgasm. 25:20 my final little squirt which is followed by a gush of wetness. My clitoris is so aroused and enlarged, it’s now fully visible. I pull my clit hood up to expose it fully. It’s like a teeny cock head! I imagine my wife sucking hard on my mini cock head. Licking it, sucking it… it starts to throb as I’m feeling majorly horny again. I start fucking myself again with my vibrator. Fingering my arsehole. My shit covered hand. At 31 minutes I start pushing my shit back in to my arsehole. I feel the pressure building up inside me. At 36 minutes hear me come for the second time. Watch how my orgasm makes my arsehole contract.

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