Scat for the Foreigner P1 ($9.99 YezzClips)

He is driven directly from abroad to our studio to eat our shit. He wrote to me he wants to serve as a toilet slave. Well, I have given him the chance. Now he stands before us, bound and gagged. Clear that he is excited.

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Training of the Toilet Slave P2 ($14.99 YezzClips)

The toilet slave comes finally to his job as a toilet. Mistress Michelle urgently needs to shit. The slave is now under the toilet chair and opens his mouth wide. It expects Mistress Michelle. She sits down on the toilet seat and talk to Lady Sandy continued while peeing habitually and then poops. The turd falls deeply in his mouth and soon his mouth is filled up with shit totally and he winds up. These moments are the best for Mistress Michelle.

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60 Loads! – Pussy Shit Stuffing ($35.99 ScatShop)

This is the ENTIRE 60 Loads Shit Adventure!

If you want all of the 60 loads videos, this is the best deal! You get the entire adventure for $50! That is less than half the cost if you were to buy them all separately!

This is the most extreme scat collection I’ve ever done! I saved up 60 loads of my shit, defrosted it all, and then played with it for over two hours in a kiddie pool! In those two hours I fucked, stuffed, and ate my shit! I smeared it all over my body, face, and even up my ass and cunt!

This video is a must buy! I promise you, your cock will thank you! I can not stop masturbating to these videos! I keep watching them over and over again! I know you will want to as well!

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45 Loads! All! ($30.99 ScatShop)

Look what I have here! I have collected 44 loads of my shit. I saved them all up in my freezer. I’ve spent months saving all this shit! Now I get to play in it! But first I have to push out the 45th load!

Watch me push out the 45th load onto a plate. Oh I grunt and groan as I struggle to push this shit out while I’m laying on my back. Finally this nice big load of shit slides out of my hole and onto the plate. I set the plate aside for later. I have something special planned for it!

I have to empty out all 44 loads of shit that I saved. While I empty out all of this shit I tell you how I saved it up, stored it for months in my freezer, and how I defrosted it. I show you all the different textures and colors of my shit. And I tell you about what freezing does to poop. Finally all of that shit is out of the jars! Look at all this shit! Look at this HUGE pile of poop!

It’s time to get dirty! I pick up my massive ball of shit and start to smear it all over my body! I cover my entire body with my poop! I even smear my shit all over my face and in my hair! I want to be completely covered!

I’ve got the outside of my body covered in shit. Now watch me get the inside of my body covered in poop too! I grab a big handful of shit and start to stuff it up into my pussy and ass! I love being a filthy girl, shoveling shit into my nasty holes! Look at all this shit I’m pushing into my holes! Mmm! It looks so hot!

My body is covered with poop and two of my three holes are filled with shit. I have one more hole to fill with shit! Remember that 45th load I saved? This is what I saved it for! I’m going to stuff my mouth full of the 45th load of poop! Watch me chew my turds and play with my shit in my mouth! I love squishing my shit in between my teeth and getting my spit all brown and gross with poop. Mmm! It feels so good having all three of my holes filled with poop!

I’m so turned on! Luckily I have some dildos handy! Watch me fuck my filthy ass and pussy with my dildos! I have one huge toy and one flesh colored cock! I get them both so dirty with my nasty, shitty holes! My holes are so turned on! I need to cum! I need to cum hard! Oh yes! Watch me cum while covered in 45 loads of shit! Watch me cum so hard that I squirt! Mmm! I’m such a happy shit girl!

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