2 Hole-stretching turds & poop on a plate ($10.99 ScatShop)

♡This is a 2 for 1!
This video starts with a nice poop that had been churning inside of me all day while I worked… once I get home it is time! I play with my hole a bit and release a nice wide poop right onto the floor for you. This one really felt lovely…. I stretch out my asshole, in hopes that someone could lick it for me🥺
Then I have an urgent morning poop. But I just enjoy this newfound love of winking my ass and feeling the poop right there, ready to burst out, so I do that for a bit… sorry for all the adjusting here…. I finally turn around and release a long soft turd on a plate for you. A little pee comes out too. When I go to show it to you AHH it falls off the plate! 😖 this messy day ends with me peeing in the shower and it getting all over my leg & feet, which I then show to you up close☺
Of course we inspect the poops together both times!! ♡


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