Astra Celestial – Alice’s Filthy Madness (FHD-1080p)

I am filthy, mad girl which insanely loves all kind of rotten sex. And this day was not exception, I didn’t go to toilet for several days and asked my boy to make the same thing and also to get some stored shit for making one of our lovely scat sessions. He shitted, I shitted, we have smeared saved shit and fucked.. He was very gentle. while treating my anal hole, I was very gently which treating his month with my shitty feet.. Speaking the long story – short – we were very gentle to each other that day. Especially when I stuffed my mouth and pussy with shit and made filthy things, especially when he fucked me like an animal. More than two hours. Shit is flying everywhere. With Love. Alice…

STARRINGAstra Celestial

RELEASE DATE: 27  of July 2018

GENRES: Scat, Excrements, Anal, Oral, All sex, Dildo, Smearing

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ModelNatalya94 – We poop and piss in denim jeans (FHD-1080) New

We have not recorded a video for you in jeans things for a long time, we decided with friends that we need to record such videos more often for you our favorite fans. With me in this video take part Carolina and Marina, I asked the girls to take out of the house denim things, Marina brought denim breeches light color, Carolina denim shorts dark color, and I wore jeans light color. First, we take turns posing for you in denim things take different poses, showing you their white clean ass, after the demonstration, we take turns pooping and piss in denim things on our feet stick urine, leaving wet traces on denim things, we shoot in denim shit, then remove them and show you what we have in the inside of denim things and their dirty After the demonstration, we put our denim things back on our dirty Asses and pose for you already in dirty things. We decided to arrange a very hot jeans show for you!

RELEASE DATE: 28 of July 2018

STARRINGModelNatalya94 Models

GENRES: Scat, Piss, Defecation, Lesbian, Jeans, Smearing