Cigarettes and scat – Milla, Chimeny, Geovana Bombom

Geovana and Chimeny are smoking cigarettes, relaxing and chatting. Their useless slave coughs a lot, complaining about the smoke and saying that the smell is bad. Of course these two hot brunettes won’t let Milla get out of this without punishment, so they will stifle her with their big butts. No air is allowed in her airways, besides the air of the smoke they throw on her nose before closing it with the butts. Of course, it doesn’t end this way, and she also has a special treatment, winning a golden drink in her mouth and in a fancy goblet, where later they also put their digested shit for her to eat. In the end, there’s a lot of disgusting scat all over Milla’s body and mouth, while her mistresses have a lot of fun with her misery!


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Panties full with diarrhea pov

Today i have some tasks for you slave first i will tease you order you to worship my ass and corset, and after i poop and pee in my see true panties and tease you some more, smearing my ass with the shit inside and outside panties making an shitty mess there and order you to lick it clean off my ass cheeks, panties and my hand, bon apetit slave!


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Wide Pussy Spread And Swollen Shitty Asshole Tease

As always this time also really need to poo. The proof is my gaping asshole. But gaping by my poo inside. I knee in doggy pose so close to your face and telling you to sniff my pussy and smell my fanny farts but don’t resist my gaping asshole as well. I start with long teasing in doggy and I bet drive you crazy with this view. Is your hand on your dick right now? Good… I keep teasing you and playing with asshole but only try to not release poo just suck it back by hole. Stinky smells in the air can you smell it? After tempting you in doggy lay on back and spread pussy nice and wide, gaping as well while puckering butt hole for your eyes. What a magical view to both of my holes. Once I can’t hold it but still spread that pussy widely I push out massive poo close up. First thought would be hard as I pushed it hard but I would say hard-medium soft one. Peeing a lot while spread pussy as well. Then on my side I teasing you by dildo asshole make it more swollen and stretching by. I have no doubt don’t need to ask you to cum. That’s guarantee


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Please stop 3. New slave. HD Camera!

His name is Ted and he is only 21 years old. This fascination has haunted him since 7 years! Today his dream came true. He was very worthy, but for him it was very difficult. Several times he begged to stop, but the girls sold out .. The girls felt sorry for him because he was young and handsome, they called him their puppy. After the session, he told me – I did not think it would be so disgusting!. PS New HD Camera!


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Open Mouth Loser

My new video is here! There is coronavirus so stay home and watch my videos! My slave came to serve me for one weekend and he was very hungry. Then I made him lick my feet. He is a subhuman, toilet! -When I say open your mouth and eat you should do it! I shit a big turd in his mouth and make him to swallow it! He is my best slave so I will use him tomorrow with my friend.


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