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What a fortunate day today. You’re so hungry for me and for my shit and I can provide you the best shit ever from a perfect Goddess ass like my one. You won’t be hungry anymore. Do you have doubt? Come and taste me my Slave!!!
I wear a sexy bikini bra and tiny purple thong on… Are they fitting on me right? How badly you wanna taste my shit in you hungry mouth? You have no words just the strong feeling to get more and more every single time. It is that time!!!
I bet you can’t take off your eyes of this sexy tiny thong ass and on this perfect shape of mine…Worship my ass nothing to do first. You also have a massive panty fetish that’s alright. It’s normal when you love and worship a Goddess like me.
I will make this tiny panty dirty for you and even I just pronounce shit or panty you’re getting hard. What do you think can I shit in my tiny panty?
I never ever said I’m a good girl, I’m your Dirty Goddess and anytime you staring at this ass drive you crazy…
I piss in my thong then on my side fingering a bit my booty hole and pull over and playing with the panty. I need to shit and I will not waiting for what you will saying for. I wanna give it all. I tell you how stinky my ass and pushing out a huge, gross, stinky, creamy beans shit. It’s look just perfect isn’t it? Your Goddess pushing hard to her slave…. And you are my SLAVE!!
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I love to show you my charms my hairy pussy anus . This time I took a gynecologic speculum and inserted first into the hairy pussy and then in ass . My hairy pussy open for you you will be able to see what’s between my legs , then I put his ass gynecologic speculum and pushed his anus very widely widely . You can see my ass wide open and see shit , because I am not went to the toilet , in my butt a lot a lot of shit . I took the catheter and inserted himself into hairy cunt and began to piss through a catheter and shit through gynecological mirror , really hard to shit when your ass is gynecologic speculum . But I can’t restrain myself anymore and I explode the shit just falls out my ass Oh such a relief , but I can’t stop and here me shoots a fountain stream of urine up Oh this is just great . A large amount of shit came out of me through rasshiritel which was inserted in my ass , I’m all in the shit and the urine but happy . As you can consider as out of my ass through the gynecologic speculum comes out shit .

QuinnBrooks – Pouring Shit ($10.99 ScatShop)

My stomach has been acting up and I haven’t been able to get my schedule back.. I’ve been craving to shit for you. I start out in my pj’s I have been holding my shit which is VERY hard for me in the morning.. I strip nice and slow and tell you how bad I want to show you my big load. After I strip down I sit forward and try and shit my stomach is acting up super bad. I turn around and it LITERALLY just pours out of me. It’s half runs half full and it’s amazing. THERE is so much!!! I point the camera to show you my load.. I clean it up off camera when I realize I have to go AGAIN! I face the camera and rub my pussy, It is SO creamy again I did not realize how creamy I was. I turn around after I let out some more shit and show off my asshole. You can see how much pussy cream is there. I can’t wait to have another load so I can play with my pussy next time and cum all over my shit.

MissAnja – Sexy Big Surprise From Petite Ass ($17.99 ScatShop)

You know how naughty girl I am who loves playing filthy games so much. I’m wearing a green top for you and at the beginning I’m talking about would be such a fair game if when I surprise you with something big and lovely you will jerking off your dick. I think rules are easy AF but I need to know that you think?
I remove the top and you can admire my petite body from head to down there. Pretty petite ass to your face. Obviously this is the right moments to make you even more horny like you’re at this moment. I tease you a lot by asshole in doggy pose and dirty talk and the only job you’ve got in the game stroke your dick. Certainly the best game ever you get to complete right?
I stuff a pink anal beads deep inside my poo hole, I literally feel when I push my shit back by the beads and this makes me suffering. I need to shit badly and after awhile I sit on my heels, barefoot in focus and a bit spread my ass cheeks to release my nasty big shit. Such a big shit from petite blonde ass. What a game right? 😀
I let you explore my pile of poo close up and I explain you what exactly could see inside. Tomato pieces, green leaf as salad, and basil leaves for sure. Smells like a healthy hot meal ready to served but today you won’t able to taste it you will going to keep up the rules in our game. It’s not a rush but I ask you to jerk off faster and more harder. Repeat it, faster and harder play on your dick.
And I promise you the view and my shitty ass guarantee to win 🙂 I play all over with the anal beads and I will give you a 10 sec countdown. Are you ready? I stuff deep inside the toy into shit hole and farting, fanny fart and get you ready to cum 🙂 Lovely game with easy rules 😀 Have fun
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Blonde Shitty Enema Session/Noisy Farts ($15.99 ScatShop)

Here I am and ready to give myself massive amount of enema. I show off you my fit and toned naked body with a butt plug in my ass. Start to pulling out the shitty plug and play with it all around. Gaping my pretty hole by and I’m so ready to make my ass clean as much as I can. I don’t waste my time just knee down and filling up ass with water, desperation AF then squat in the shower and release so much shitty water. Still desperation though but get down and comes up the second round. Fingering asshole gape it before make enema. Every time I try to take as much water I can this time would be the same. I release the second round standing bit knees bending for great view. My ass like a shitty waterfall. I grab my dildo and keep gaping ass by make myself farting. I do fart lot of loud one. Third round is up. Take lot of water desperation so badly. Before push it out I stick the dildo like a plug in my ass and make the stream even more strong with it. Nasty shitty water everywhere around me. I keep farts as well and playing with anus. Forth round is coming up and I repeat all of these while the second big bag of enema finished. I’m moaning and seriously almost crying of pressure in my stomach. My ass squirt xtremely lot shitty water till the end. Very noisy releases, lot of dirt and anal gape, farting, shitty mess, close ups, swollen asshole and even more waiting for you in this video. Have fun

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