Best feeding Goddess – shit ingesting for real ($25.99 ScatShop)

Another epic clip with the Mistress Margo. She is by far the best romanian Mistress in making slaves eat all her shit, without resisting. She has an impeccable technique and with her help she mentally destroys her slave’s toilet, making them want nothing more than to eat all the shit at least once. They end up begging her shit, begging her to fill their hungry mouths and be desperate to be in possession of her kaviar ! Today she made fun of her personal slave, broke his anus with fisting and double fisting, and then slapped him in the bathtub and coerced him to eat all her shit, piece by piece. Excellent clip, masterpiece for fans of the genre and for those looking to see how the slave swallows all the shit for real, and not fakes !

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