Clean my shity ass starring in video MadameCaramel ($13.99 ScatShop) – Toilet Slavery

The only thing you are good at is to clean my ass. A Mistress should never use toilet paper anymore. You should always be ready to clean my ass when needed.

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Fed by two starring in video LadyScarlet ($13.99 ScatShop) – Scat and Piss Femdom

I went to visit my friend Gaia in her dungeon in Rome and after the long journey I needed the bathroom. Sitting on the sofa, she offered me to use her personal toilet. I accepted with enthusiasm! Placed at our feet he talked to me about how he eats shit and how she keeps him in chastity. We laughed at him and teased him, I spat in his mouth, until Gaia ran away from shitting. Removing her panties, she squatted on him and did it all. I watched that lousy toilet take all the shit in his mouth! Except that it was a lot and not all of it. Something fell so my friend took a special spoon to pick it up. What a surprise this too beautiful tool! I grabbed it and started feeding the slave with Gaia’s shit. We enjoyed the show seeing this toilet that chewed and swallowed everything until the end. I had a little stimulus but he didn’t want to go out. So I decided to switch to pissing. We initially thought about making a piss cocktail to give to the slave, but since I was running away too much and my friend still wasn’t coming, I crouched on him and pissed in his mouth. One of the first pees of the morning, very intense. He swallowed. Chocolate and champagne of two beautiful Mistresses, what an honor! We left him like this, waiting to soon receive my shit too..

Sono andata a trovare la mia amica Gaia nel suo dungeon di Roma e dopo il lungo viaggio avevo bisogno del bagno. Sedute sul divano, mi ha proposto di usare il suo cesso personale. Ho accettato con entusiasmo! Disposto ai nostri piedi mi ha parlato di come mangia la merda e del fatto che lo tenga in castità. L’abbiamo deriso e punzecchiato, gli ho sputato in bocca, fino a quando a Gaia non è scappato da cagare. Tolte le mutandine, si è accovacciata su di lui e l’ha fatta tutta. Ho guardato quel cesso schifoso prendere tutta la merda in bocca! Solo che era tanta e non c’è stata tutta. Qualcosa è caduto allora la mia amica ha preso un cucchiaio particolare per raccoglierla. Che sorpresa questo arnese troppo bello! L’ho impugnato e ho iniziato a imboccare lo schiavo con la merda di Gaia. Ci siamo godute lo spettacolo vedendo questo cesso che masticava e ingoiava tutto, fino alla fine. Io un po’ di stimolo l’avevo ma non voleva uscire. Ho deciso quindi di passare al pissing. Inizialmente abbiamo pensato di fare un cocktail di piscio da dare allo schiavo, ma dato che a me scappava troppo e alla mia amica ancora non veniva, mi sono accovacciata su di lui e gli ho pisciato in bocca. Una delle prime pipì della mattina, molto intensa. Ha ingoiato. Cioccolata e champagne di due bellissime Mistress, quale onore! L’abbiamo lasciato così, in attesa di ricevere presto anche la mia merda…

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My private shit eater starring in video PrincessNikki ($13.99 ScatShop) – Scat

As I am sitting in my bed I explain very clearly to my slave that i can make all men do nasty things just by giving them some pleasure. As beautiful as I am any slave cater to my every need.. So I tell my slave that this will happen to him today. I tell him to undress, first of all so I can have a laugh of his tiny dick. But he is always doing what I say.. no matter what.. He has a collar that says he belongs to me.. and only me! He has to lay down and start wanking his little rascal, while I hover over him in my panty teasing him with my sexy ass.. I know he is so easily teased by a beautiful Princess like me. I take his dick and start wanking it for him while I start to pee in his mouth.. This should be paradise for my slave.. After all being touched by my Princess hands while I pee in his mouth is a privilege. You can see he is getting harder and harder.. But then again! It is me! Then I tell him to get ready.. I need to shit, and I push out two large turds in his mouth and face. I am still wanking him while he has my shit in his mouth.. I count from 10 to zero, and he cum as I say zero.. So you see I can make all men shit eaters by giving them a little pleasure. He will remember the sensational feeling having my shit in his mouth gave him forever. So from now on, his only diet will be what is processed through my Princess body.

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two dirty lesbians in Encasement scat show starring in video dirtyscatgirl ($13.99 ScatShop) – Panty/Jean Pooping

Today, you will see two dirty sluts what they like shit and pantyhose. Pantyhose over your body and smell of shit is a wonderful combination.First, we’ll consecutive piss…The first push of shit out my ass make Victoria.
Denise will lick my ass from the dirty shit.Then change the position and Denise pushes out its beautiful aromatic shit….Want to know more? You must see this video.

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Sweet Shit Dinner starring in video marcos579 ($13.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 07, 2021) – Desperation

I’m standing in front of a plate, showing off my cute green boyshorts, and my ass sure looks good and sexy, doesn’t it? My poop births out my hole and onto your plate I hope you enjoy dinner AND a show, because I’ve got a messy, poopy butthole I can’t NOT show off, and wink in your face!
For your next meal, I blow my load, my pee and my spit all over your plate. Ooh, stinky!! The start of that turd stretches me open and good, and then ends with a delicious, oozing trail of shit out my pucker. Yum! I make sure you get a good eyefull of this one, too

Length: 10:55s
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Toilet Training 101 starring in video lisadomina ($13.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 08, 2021) – Scat

This video starts with an amazing beat down. Mistress Lisa kicks, stomps, whips, canes, and face-slaps the helpless slave till he is whimpering and begging her to stop. All the while she’s letting him know that he is going to be her toilet. She shows no mercy whatsoever. Any resistance on his part brings on another round of kicks and punches. Finally Lisa decides to piss and positions her toilet slave with a shallow tray under his head. She lets loose with a hard piss that the slave can barely keep up with no matter how fast he swallows and gulps. Some spills and even worse- he pukes some out onto the tray. Lisa forces him to lick up the piss and vomit while she whips him. Lisa lets him know it’s time to use his mouth as her toilet and the battered slave is less than eager, which brings on another round of violent bitch-slaps. Not wanting the slave to back out, Lisa puts a mouth spreader in his mouth and perches her asshole right over the slaves mouth. She shits a nice hard mouthful right into his mouth which drops to the back of his throat, instantly making him gag. She shits out another big log all over his face. While the slave works on swallowing one mouthful and controlling his gag reflex Lisa wipes her ass and shoves the toilet paper into his mouth, releasing the mouth spreader so the lucky slave can chew. She gets a piece of plastic to hold the shit log and begins the process of forced feeding. She alternately encourages and reprimands her new toilet slave, spitting or slapping him depending on his rate of consumption, or in his case-flushing. If you love forced toilet training and wonder how a domme can turn a slave into a human toilet then this video is for you.

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