Suck, double fuck, shit, CUM! starring in video Amateurs ($17.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

During passionate sex, my boyfriend wanted anal sex and when he began to penetrate my ass with a penis, fresh shit came out from the anal hole.

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Full Smelly Facefart starring in video Toiletslave4Amateur ($17.99 ScatShop) – Groups/Couples

An old video since 5 years ago. Here is a pig who contacted his mistress for a session only with facesitting and fart. He wished mistress can fart so bad on him. Be carefull for what you asked for. Mistress ate last night a ton of beans and eggs and milk since those are things that make her farts really smelly. On top of that, to really humiliate him, mistress pulled off her pantie aside and ask him to lick her asshole and then (SURPRISED) shoot a rocket fart right in his throat. Yeah …
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Chubby Girl Smelly Farts and Shits starring in video margo ($17.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

Today I have a very nasty surprise for you come on put your face between my chubby ass cheeks so i can begin. I spread my big beautiful ass and begin farting right in your face mmm… make sure you take deep long breaths since I stink so delicious. After I’m done farting my gas right in your face I decide I mine as well let all my shit out too I begin letting out some intense loud farts while pooping. I spreading my ass cheeks wide so my arsehole is directly in your face in HD releasing big load into your mouth while my arsehole is so filthy with shit still stuck to it! This video necessarily must have in your collection and I hope you are all enjoying my nasty videos because I tried really hard for all chubby girls fans!

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Goddess Valeria squirts a stinky steamy poo out of her tight ass. She feels the urge to
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She plays with
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Legs Spread, Feet up, Creamy Shit starring in video MissAnja ($17.99 ScatShop) – Farting

I start to show off my pretty ass with a pink plug in. I also wear a black tiny top on and tell you we should being quiet because one a friend is in my living room. She visited me unexpectedly but besides all these I need to shit. So while she’s waiting for me I am getting naughty and dirty for you. What a secret fun I start suck my dildo and get on my knees in doggy. Slowly I keep penetrate the dildo inside and gaping close up my asshole. Pussy is dripping cream, asshole gaping nice and wide on your face. Talking sexy of my dirty holes and huge poo reveal quickly. I do some Queefing during anal fuck. So I keep dildo this beauty dirty asshole. I turn to missionary spread my long lean legs, feet up, awesome black toes view. I tell you to keep watching me and I will show more of my dirty ass. Stroke your dick right now. In missionary pose release big creamy shit focus on feet all the time. And black toes barefoot view drive you crazy. I am pushing hard and moaning but just need control because of my friend. You wanna get a nice piece of my shit to taste? Do you wanna smell my stinky ass? Or sucking my black tiny toes? So if you want to get all of these come for me dirty boy. NOW! Dirty anal and barefoot view spicy up with dirty, sexy talk these what you can’t resist and loose your control to CUM! At the end I thought you deserve a little bit more of my shitty hole so I’m saying goodbye with a noisy, wet, stinky farts to your face. Have fun

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10 mins of eating shit starring in video Lustymaylasia aka Seduction ($17.99 ScatShop) – Vomiting

Sitting on my cat stool half naked I felt like I had to take a shit with my cute bra on I lay back with my feet in the air and begin to shit and it’s semi long load which smelled so good. I get up and get on my knees and show of my creation, I don’t waste anytime I dive in and bite into my load and swallow some and the rest I just keep chewing on getting it in my braces and everything,moving it around in my mouth. I keep licking and biting into my load for minutes you seeing the nastiness up close and in HD. U hear the noises of the juices I’m creating from the shit; the load taste so good making you crave for my shit to eat urself. This long video is one of a kind it’s worthy every penny & every drop of cum that’ll you’ll shoot out watching this

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