Little Shitty Panty starring in video MissAnja ($18.99 ScatShop) – Panty/Jean Pooping

Today I’ll make you so very happy. Do you know why? Because you dirty boy and me will have lot of fun. I had forgot to place a new menstrual pad in my panty that means it just got red from my pussy. How much you’re hungry for a nasty filthy pair of cute panties of mine? Don’t say anything I feel your crave so badly. So let me surprise you my boy. I tease you to show off front and back my cute nude colored bikini pants and realized that red spot on the gusset. All my sexy act and dirty talk encourage you to grab your dick and masturbating. I just reassure you to do that. I get on my knees front of you and spread both of my holes. Pussy is a bit of bloody, shit reveal out of my asshole. I blow some fanny farts straight to your face. You love it so much don’t you? I keep gaping holes and still talking sexy n dirty to you all over.
Naughty girl turns to filthy one and I just lick my red bloody spot on the gusset but I certain you wanna copy me I’d give my pants for you but I need it dirty boy, maybe later you can get them.
You will get All In 1 dirty pants from me today. Red, shitty and piss soaked your fave combo. I complete it and your dreams come true by.
I stick a glass toy in asshole while on my forth and then shitting a huge one to my cute little panty for you. Shit and piss make it even more filthy. How badly you wanna touch my shit? Warm creamy chocolate filled dream pants. I start smear scat out on my pants make it such a dirty one and keep talking to you about jerking off your dick. It’s easy. Everything has given to have fun. After I filled with that messy turd my panty remove a bit and my ass totally covered by poo. I grab that glass toy and fucking my butt all over. Sniff this pants, and cum for me. Me and you exactly know what means big mess right? I give you cum countdown and say goodbye with a cute loud farts in my pants. Have fun

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Filthy, Pink Enema Shorts starring in video MissAnja ($18.99 ScatShop) – Pee

I love enema and you? It’s pushing my limits every single time and it makes me so happy to get in some challenge. I love when infuse the liquid, I love when able to release in pants or a sexy bottoms, I love that naughty noises, farts by and the mess after all. All in all I love everything about. So I would not like you to miss this dirty shitty therapy of mine. Are you into? Let’s start began…

I wear a wore and damaged tiny pink bottom on which is my fave even if had wore million times. My target today to clean out this little poopy ass of mine and make such a huge stinky mess in my bathroom. Until this sounds great huh? I tease you at beginning, present my butt underneath the shorts and stick my finger then a glass toy into asshole. Such a pleasure. I was hanging up a 2 liter big enema bag inside mixed pure water and sodium chloride for strong effects in cleans out. I pour first a mini enema bulb then let’s flow the first 1/3 enema liquid before release some shit in pink bottoms. After the first round feel bad as get pain and cramps in stomach and the feeling is I shit myself right now doesn’t goes away just after release it in shorts. Nasty, noisy first round. I fart noisily and lot of shitty liquid out. Keep going on I don’t stop, little fingering then insert the tube in doggy to filling up my ass again make me suffering. I stand up backward standing in the shower place and mess spreading all over. I keep pushing out lot of farts as I feel gassy and asking you what do you think of this sweet stinky smells? I’m ready for the next round but before I find some food pieces in my shit and I’m not shy to show you. Get in doggy and insert the tube again to let the enema flow in ass focus on feet and legs this time. Stand up quickly bending my left knees soles up backward and pushing the enema in my pink bottoms. I pull down half way the shorts and ass squirting out more and more dirty liquid. I fart a lot and so loud all of them. Juicy stinky wet farts for your nose. I also do release wet bubble farts in my pants show off close up to you.
The last round has came…. In doggy pose as before and present my big stomach and tell you I’m also full of air what’s makes me gassy more than ever. Let me release the last round expel all the shitty enema, farting even more and seduce you with that mess in my bathroom…… Have fun

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Marinayam19 starring in video Congrats grad, and great work! ($18.99 ScatShop) – Pissing

( This video exceeds the maximum file size that I can upload. Thus the listing contains 2 videos. Make sure to check out both! Total length of the 2 videos is 20 min )

I’d like to congratulate all of you for your hard work.
I am truly proud of all of you!
I hope you all take what you learned in my class and succeed in your profession !

(- Pulls one student aside )

But I truly feel you did the greatest and I want to gift you something, but you can’t tell anyone!

Remember the digestive course I did earlier this year?

This is a continuation of it, you see the green, red, yellow, I call this a skittle package for the student of the year. It’s so colorful , it looks like a rainbow!

I’d like you to have it, my best student, but again, don’t tell anyone, I don’t want any jealous student coming back at me.

I hope you can take it and put it to good use after graduation, I have a lot of hopes and faith in you! Don’t disappoint me, but I am sure you will be great in whatever the field you decide to pursue in!

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Mistress Patricia farting in mouth and pissing starring in video GoddessAndreea ($18.99 ScatShop) – Groups/Couples

From today we have a new Mistress who joins our shop. Mistress Patricia is a great experienced Domme with many years experience in bdsm and she wanted to make movies with our slaves. For this first clip, she brought the slave to her dungeon and used it in various ways. Considering that she adores a lot, foot fetish, she made him smell her shoes and clean them with his tongue and mouth. Then she ordered him to suck her sweaty and dirty seethrough socks and wash them with his tongue after she put her foot deep in his throat! After the slave took off her socks, Mistress Patricia made him lick her bare foot and pushed her foot in his mouth, gagging him. In the second scene, Mistress climbed over the slave’s face and did a facesitting session, while pulling numerous farts(in leggings and naked). She made him lick her pussy and ass and let go of many farts right in his mouth!. In the end, she announced him that he would be used as a personal human toilet and that in the future he would even become a full toilet because she no longer wanted to use a normal toilet since she had him!

Length: 18:58s
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Disgusting Runny Poo In Pantyhose Loose Control starring in video MissAnja ($18.99 ScatShop) – Panty/Jean Pooping

I just put on my red nylon tights and desperate to shit so so badly. Feeling arrived like a runaway train. I couldn’t hold so long instead moaning a lot because hard to hold it back and it’s painful when I released. After little suffering I turn backward and pushing out without control a massive, stinky AF, and disgusting diarrhea. It’s just start leaking down there on my leg inside tights. I keep the backward pose for awhile and you have time to start jerking off to my disgusting shitty diarrhea. How badly you wanted to see this view? How long have you been waiting for I loose my control and shit myself? This is your lucky day. I get on my knees and in doggy keep teasing you with shit in my tights. Make it even more dirty and start talking about the stinky smells. I touch my shit outside of pantyhose and smearing more and more of my ass. OMG how smelly it is. Very bad diarrhea which is definitely make you happy and bring up quickly to cum. I talk dirty and encourage to jerk off and keep stroking to my tights. In doggy I remove half way the red pantyhose and start dildo my ass. Gaping, farting keep it swollen and pushing out even more mucoid shit. My shit full of veggies. Guess what I had a lot yesterday? Can you find out?
While I fucking my butt talking about dirty things and of my smelly shit and how much you love watching me loosing control and shit myself. How long can you hold your cum? Afterwards I just turn to missionary, legs up in the air and keep playing with shit hole. Smell my shitty tights and wet farts and when I count from 5 to 1 jerk off your dick. At the end I spoon some runny poo by my hands and show off you I able to see my last meal inside. Lovely and dirty am I right? Your fave milk chocolate ready to serve in my pantyhose Have fun. Lots of nasty diarrhea, sexy red nylon tights, anal dildo, wet stinky farts, dirty talk, foot view and more

Length: 16:17s
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