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The place of husband and real man at the feet of a woman and under her ass. The say that to understand whether he this is your man, you need to stop being shy of him. Stop being afraid to fart in front of him, piss and shit. Full relaxed with his presence. I do with my husband whatever I want, how I want and when I want. And he is happy with his fate. He’s my the hole for the strap-on, sissy and toilet bowl. Even now, he asks me to fuck him in the ass and gives me more and more strapons. He knows how much I love to fuck with big strapons. He’s resigned and knows that I like to shit in his mouth. And will sniff, take and eat my shit.
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I think many women would agree with me. Men at home should not go in underpants and socks, and in a corset, painted, feminized and serve us. Today I put a corset on my husband, makeup him, painted his lips and nails. He’s my pretty today, my bitch. I Fuck him in ass the fist. And of course I wanted to shit. Put your hands out, catch my shit. I’ll teach you love smell shit and taste, eat my shit, you’ll be my toilet. And just so you know your place, I’m gonna put your head in the toilet bowl.
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Today is my birthday, fun day, my day. Today I can do whatever I want. And I want to fuck a pretty husband and shit in his mouth. He present me a new strap-on, special, exclusive, 6 inches in diameter, this you will not see ANYWHERE else. I’ll taste it right now. Will reheat ass, fisting, stretch, a little fucking his ass with a smaller strap-on. And here it is, black and shiny and HUGE. Not whine, shut up and lie still, be tolerated. Today your ass is mine, today I can do anything. You have to open your mouth and be my toilet. Open wide, close your lips on my ass, take my shit in your mouth. Oh, what a wonderful birthday it is. Now lick my ass deeper, it feels so good to feel your tongue in my ass.

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I, Diabolic Sigal, in my infinite mercy, have decided to further your descent into toilet-hood by preceding your use as a toilet with prolonged face-sitting and masturbation therapy. The slave is sexually excited by the licking my pussy and my asshole while his breathe is robbed by my ass. The sexual pleasure/humiliation mix deepens the slave’s submission. The slave’s tongue, driven by suffocation induced desperation, sends wave of pleasure through my body and face, which you get to see in an inset closeup throughout the video. The sounds of my voice are amazing. Naturally, once I am satisfied, the slave’s sexual stimulation ends. But I am not completely done with him since, of course, once I have cum I need to take a shit. Luckily my slave is already in position. He may not get to orgasm but it will at least have the great honour of serving as my shit receptacle! I know you are masturbating while watching this video, so remember, before your squirt your penis pus, to beg me for permission, PLEASE MISTRESS SIGAL, LET ME BE YOUR TOILET!

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Im a very kind Mistress… much kinder than what you really deserve. But what kind of Mistress would I be if I didn’t reward good behavior once in a while? What can I say, you’ve been very good lately, slave, so your Mistress is going to make you a special treat: Big Delicious Shit from the Source. That’s right, you’re going to be eating all my poop and you’re going to eat them all, slave, anytime and everywhere. Don’t you dare disappoint me, please! I push a huge smelly poop right into the slave mouth, and get right to feed you meal, letting you watch me …. finally, you get a smelly disgusting shit right in your stomach… now, jerk off, worm!

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Watch as I push my butt plug in and out of my arse! I pop out the butt plug and poop in the bathroom. I show you the big pile of poop I’ve made in my bath! What a naughty, delicious mess I’ve made!!

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I have my slave eating my asshole… There are not many things better than lick me before my toilet! I love to enjoy while he licks my asshole and soon enough I have a really powerful orgasm! Oh my gosh, this makes my ass so ease off that I want to use him as my TOILET! Yes, I’m gonna feed him with my monster SHIT! And he seems like a toilet seat for my GODDESS ASS! I want his mouth as close as possible to my ass, so nothing can fall out his mouth! He has to take and swallow everything! I am using my feet to keep his mouth right in my shit and keep feeding him until I am cum! He has to clean my asshole with his tongue! I think he is a not bad toilet! I will use him again later…

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