Shit my jeans, big camel toe starring in video Cynthiagarcia1212 ($10.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

You need to eat you look rather weak. Let me fix you up a hot dish. I ate chinesse take out, McGriddles, Carmal Frappe, Popcorn and a donut, so this should be very very nurishing for you. I have on my favorite pair of short shorts, jeans cut to daisy dukes style exposed pockets cameltoe cinched pussy cover. Short shirt with below boob show.. I have to work you up first with a little ass tease, big tit drops out and finally I get in position backwards chair sitting and then I let it go. It takes a long long while for it all to slowly come out. Sludgy textured shit pushing it out, full view then closeup while I make up a big pile of hot soft serve just for you. Oopse though I mooshed it all over my ass pussy and shorts, and I need you to eat it all up. Clean up this mess.

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