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to us girls just like to have fun with the shit

I was on vacation with my friend michelle
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I do not believe it at the beginning but then I see the panties there is shit everywhere

What do we play together?

we see how many games you can do with these lesbo shit

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Another bizarre clip with your favourite young girl, Bubblebutt ! Soon she will use a real human toilet slave in her shitty clips !!! In today’s episode she loves to play again in her jacuzzi. She first played in the jacuzzi and then pooped and started smearing her kaviar all over her body, buttocks, breasts, belly, legs, etc. She also took an anal toy and started masturbating with it and then took an erotic shower. In the end, she called her boyfriend to play with her dirty body and to masturbate her with his fingers in her vagina.
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I has a fiber suppliment yesterday and this morning’s cup of strong coffee really pushed me over the edge. I almost has an accident I had to shit so bad. I jumped up out of bed and brought you with me to the bahroom. I set you on the tub while I hung my ass over and pushed out a massive shit. It burned and my asshole was throbbing. It stunk up the bathroom pretty good, too. I take my turds and show you before throwing them in the toilet. I get skid marks on the bowl which stay after I flush. I show you my dirty colon rose before saying goodble. Enjoy!

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-Heeeeey! Did you miss the real extreme scat? Or bla-bla-bla? Or what?
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-How about you watch me choke on a huge portion of fresh, warm, and so fragrant shit?
Today we will arrange a real dirty fuck in the mouth!
The shit in my mouth melts, and now I’m all dirty sitting on the toilet and sucking the excited cock of Mr. Annonimus, my pussy gets wet and I take his trunk deeper and deeper, the shit is already in my throat, and my dirty drool drips on the swollen juicy pussy!
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Huge cock in my dirty mouth, endless shit from my fucked up ass and epic cumshot at the end of the video! My shit is soooo sweet (no need to bake Halloween muffins) I squeeze a huge fresh and flavorful pile straight out of my tight and fucked by Mr. Annonymous ass! Then I use my shit as a lubricant to jerk off and suck this juicy cock deep! Huge chunks of shit in my mouth and nose, I suck on a dirty dick and my face is stained with my stinking shit! He inhales the scent of my feces while he kills me with endless jets of cum ..

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His dirty cock is on my face and a huge fresh portion of his shit is in my mouth. At this moment, I only crave one thing, I want this mighty dick to drill me right into the dirty throat! I swallow it deeper and deeper, greedily inhaling the scent of fresh shit on my face, mouth and mask! I get a powerful stream of cum on my face and it is the perfect addition to my cute rubber face …

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