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Even a creature as simple as a toilet can used for multiple purposes. For instance, this slave is not only a convenient and portable shit consumer device, it can also be used as an ashtray. The view provided of my soft, moist and unattainable pussy lips is incredible. I allow the thing to worship my asshole with its tongue. My ass gets so close to the camera it is almost as if you are there. Then I mount the chair in a squatting position and you can see as the slave worships my asshole. Lick my asshole deep inside. Finally, I use the slave for what it was made for. I deliver a massive load right in his throat and you get to see it on his face. My aim is perfect and the shit drops directly into the motionlessly obedient toilet slave’s mouth. The devastating mess on its face is the final testament to my power and the slave’s obedience. Enjoy and worship my shit, jerk off the screen, looser!

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Erica encourages shit eating as she sits on her queening chair. Talking dirty and taking a nice shit. Once she is done she lays down next to the pile of shit and talks to you and encouraging you to eat it all up as if you were laying on the other side of the pile of shit.

As I’m talking you into eating my pile of shit, it turns me on and I play with myself while you are enjoying my shit.

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Husband and wife has a scat fetish they live with a lodger who always work away.
Tonight, they were alone and they decided to have a scat session and experiment with their new profound love of bondage.

Husband tied up his wife with great passion of rope tightly and then admiringly spread her ass high up on air squeezing it and pressing her bottocks. She slowly delivers shit for her husband which landed on the floor. Husband happily picks up the poop and smeared it all over her while passionately kissing her. Then… to their surprise their lodger came back!!! To which they invited over and he happily joined in the fun!

Lodger kisses the wife, it is her ultimate dream to fuck their lodger. He has a bigger dick than her husband. Husband finger fucks his poop-smeared wife while lodger kisses her passionately. She sucks their cock off and get fucked too!

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Today I wanted to shit out of all three holes at the same time and collected 7 loads of shit for that. I stuffed some of the shit into my pussy. I put another part in my mouth. And I shit from all the holes at the same time)

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I am extremely desperate for a shit. I had been desperate for a good hour but had to get some stuff done around the house before I could go to the damn bahroom. Bu the time I can do, I barely get my panties down before I’m pushing out a big shit. I am thrilled to see more corn in my shit from dinner the other night. I show you my big corn laced turds before I dump them in the toilet. You get a good view of my rosebud and throbbing asshole. I can’t wait to join you on my next toilet adventure! Enjoy.

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