Smearing shit all over my body starring in video your_mariam ($24.99 ScatShop) – Scat

Smearing all my body in poo. A true gem for the lovers of scat and smearing. See me take a big shit and cover myself in it after.

Length: 10:49s
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Shat And Smeared Shit On White Clothes starring in video Mistress/Natalia Kapretti ($24.99 ScatShop) – Enema

I train my little slave girl Kat to be a dirty, dirty toilet slut. I peed and shat on her, smeared shit on her snow-white clothes. She’s not used to it yet, she’s not used to shit and being in shit. I teach her enjoy shit, get pleasure from it, masturbate and cum. All these dirty actions, shit, smell of shit, everything will be is associated with pleasure for her. She starts like it, she is already excited from the shit, started cum masturbating in shit, it’s very good

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Saliva Vomit Snot Swallow All Toilet Bowl starring in video Mistress/Natalia Kapretti ($24.99 ScatShop) – Vomiting

Today he is toilet for everything, for shit, vomit, snot and drool. Today his reincarnation, he has crossed the line, shackles and restrictions have fallen, now he has become sewer, latrine for everything and for everyone. And I won’t stop there. My shit eater will become shit receiver
1. Eat five days collected shit, pathetic slave, toilet
Well, my toilet, it’s time for dessert. I been cooking it five days, collecting shit for you. Look, this is teramisu, smelly, soft and cool. And you’re will be to eat it now. And don’t look like this. You’re trying to ruin my mood. You’ll eat all the shit I feed you. Open your mouth, open it wider. Eat my shit, swallow, you are my loo, my toilet bowl and dump. It’s delicious shit, isn’t it, like shit sherbet. Swallow, today is your holiday you’re eating your fourth pile of shit. Today I’m going to fill you with shit up to your ears. Entertain us pig snout eat shit and sing a song. This is only your first experience of eating so much shit, nothing, now I will do it regularly and constantly
2. Saliva, vomit, snot swallow all, toilet bowl
Drinking vomit is the most difficult thing for my shit eater. But never mind, today we are having fun and having a good time. Fresh shit was fed and collected shit was fed, it’s time to drink vomit. And so that the toilet does not shirk and does not close his mouth, I put dilator on it. Today, all the waste from our bodies goes only into the mouth of this shit eater. Lift your head and catch my vomit, swallow, I said swallow. I’ll give you saliva and snot swallow it all, I’ll teach you to drink my vomit you ungrateful toilet bowl

Length: 35:25s
Resolution: 1280×720
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Lady Darlin pantyhose facesitting with shit starring in video GoddessAndreea ($24.99 ScatShop) – Efro

German Lady DARLIN is back after a long period. .Lady Darlin will continue to share her scat videos and full toilet slavery movies here. She uses him today as her human toilet, she facesittings him, beeing dressed in a tan pantyhose. She stays long time directly on his face, mouth, and she wants to cum on his mouth before she feeds him. She poop on her pantyhose and she pushed her asshole sealed on his mouth. She plays with her shit also and push the hose into slave mouth making her slave gag on her dirty hosiery. She obliges him to ingest everything from her ass. She also smother him. She is a perfect German Domme and a dirty Scat Goddess and she thank you for beeing a member for her and buying her movies !

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Laxative Explosive Diarrhea 7 Trips To Shit starring in video efrolesbians ($24.99 ScatShop) – Poop Videos

First off, I explain the over eating of the weekend celebration, Then right in front of you I take a laxative. Next up, 7 trips to the toilet where I shoot water out of my ass all over my toilet over and over. It just wont stop. Beginning at about the 3rd trip I feel weak shaky really horrible. I am going down hard with this really bad bad idea to find away to rush horrible high fat grease salt and butter out of my system. Thought it was going to help, but it left me feeling like hell, aches pains and cramping, extreme cramping, not just low but all the way up my belly to my tits. It was horrible. I just drag you along into my bathroom, where I tear up my asshole with all the over wiping, the raw liquid shit sprays out my shit hole rather close up. I shoot shit as high up as the flusher handle the lid, the back and all over the bowl 7 different times. But the end I have learned a huge lesson, of letting nature take it’s course. Huge mistake. I end with a quick follow up about my final thoughts on the 12hr ordeal of liquid ass hell, and how I damn near fainted from a huge lack of hydration. 35 Minutes of shit after shit. Contains some farts, pee pee, whimpering, light complaints, hard sighs and some grunting.

Length: 34:29s
Resolution: 1920×1080
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Delicious Shit from Gorgeous Goddess starring in video marcos579 ($24.99 ScatShop) – Toilet Slavery

Even a creature as simple as a toilet can used for multiple purposes. For instance, this slave is not only a convenient and portable shit consumer device, it can also be used as an ashtray. The view provided of my soft, moist and unattainable pussy lips is incredible. I allow the thing to worship my asshole with its tongue. My ass gets so close to the camera it is almost as if you are there. Then I mount the chair in a squatting position and you can see as the slave worships my asshole. Lick my asshole deep inside. Finally, I use the slave for what it was made for. I deliver a massive load right in his throat and you get to see it on his face. My aim is perfect and the shit drops directly into the motionlessly obedient toilet slave’s mouth. The devastating mess on its face is the final testament to my power and the slave’s obedience. Enjoy and worship my shit, jerk off the screen, looser!

Length: 23:33s
Resolution: 1920×1080
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