Train Wreck by Winning Bet starring in video EricaKay ($25.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 18, 2021) – Pee

While you are at work, I’m at home practicing my billiard skills. You are so used to kicking my ass and always winning the bets.
One day, you come home and I ask if you’d like to play a game of pool; and you are all smug thinking that you are going to win like you always do…you offer a wager and I accept. I was shocked when you put up your prized possession: your train with the city, tracks, cars, passenger and freight!!! I can do what ever I want to them if I win.
Guess what you lose…awe! Are you surprised? I’m sure you are because I kicked your ass; not even close!!
Now, the train is all mine!!!
First, I destroy the cars with my high heels, crushing them to pieces…parts are flying all over the place.
I then focus on the tracks and bridge. I am having so much fun! I working up a sweat and get naked other than my shoes.
Now the City has to come down!
Once everything is destroyed, I put all the pieces in a pile and pee all over it…while covered in all of my pee I separate all the pieces into three boxes and use as my toilet for the next few days.

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Train Wreck by Winning Bet Part II starring in video EricaKay($25.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 18, 2021) – Efro

Now that I have all of the train parts put together in three separate boxes; I can treat them like toilets. One by one I shit and pee all over the train parts.
One by one I make him clean it up.
At last, the final box. I have something special for you: AN ENEMA! After relieving myself I put parts of the city in the box and crush them into my shit and tell him to clean it up!

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Olga in dirty jeans on the street starring in video ModelNatalya94 ($25.99 ScatShop) – Toilet Slavery

Good day. Today we are adding a very exclusive video from Olga to our store. She decided to surprise her favorite fans more and more. In this video, Olga walks down the street in jeans. She left the house and decided to take a walk, the weather was great and Olga decided to make an exclusive shoot. She pissed and even gave a shit in jeans near the house, showed you how she did it and then went for a walk around the city. Her jeans were wet and dirty inside, and Olga walked and showed you her jeans. She took pictures of herself in different places and posed in front of you. Olga was in the park, sitting on a bench and all the time showing her wet and dirty jeans. Your ass and you can of course imagine what’s going on inside))) Olga went into a cafe and drank a cup of coffee and she kept taking pictures of her ass in dirty jeans. Then Olga went into a public toilet and took off her dirty jeans, showing you a dirty ass. She wiped her bottom and swapped her dirty jeans for clean ones. You will see all this in the video. Believe me, it is very interesting and of course it is an exclusive that no one else has, so you should see it first! Enjoy watching everyone! Enjoy the video and have fun watching it! And don’t forget to visit our store every day! The most exclusive videos are only with us))) We love you, our dear friends!

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