Dirty cheer slut starring in video Brownsensations ($34.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

Dirty cheer slut would do anything to become captain of the cheer squad. Even if that means to stay back after practice to suck the coach dick and shit her self for his pleasure. She starts to enjoy it so much that she smears it all over her ass, pulls them dirty panties to the side to get get fucked in her dirty ass until he gives her a cream pie.

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4.Schoolgirl, dildo, shit! WITH FACE starring in video MiaRoxxx ($34.99 ScatShop) – Efro

I did it again! You guys know how much I love saving up a ton of my poop and smearing it all over myself, playing in my mountain of poop and talking so dirty to you! This time I saved an entire month’s worth of my shit! Everything I pooped out for the last 31 days I saved! And then I got so filthy and so nasty with my month’s worth of poop! Come see all the filthy fun I got into this month! Come play with me and listen to me talk dirty to you! Watch me make myself cum over and over and over again in my pool of poop!

I saved up an entire month’s worth of shit in glass jars. I saved up so much poop! But now it’s time to get filthy with this huge pile of poop! Watch me empty out all the jars as I talk dirty to you. I create a mountain of shit! Look at all this poop! I can’t wait to smear it all over my big, sexy, curvy body! I start by sitting my big ass in my huge pile of poop! Oh, my shit feels so good on my skin! Look at me smearing all this poop into my body! I’m rolling around in my pool of poop and having so much fun being a nasty shit girl!

Diaper Play
I cleaned up my hands so that I can put a diaper on! I’ve always wanted to wear a diaper while I’m completely covered in poop! I hope I can get this diaper on while I’ve got so much shit on me! My diaper doesn’t stay clean and cute for long! It’s covered in my shit! I’m going to destroy this diaper! Watch me grab big handfuls of my poop and stuff them down my diaper! I rub my pussy and smear my shit against my horny clit! Oh it feels so good being a nasty, dirty, diaper girl! It feels so good that I’m going to cum from stuffing poop down my diaper and rubbing my horny pussy!

Play With Me
Look how happy I am in my pool of filth! I have an entire month’s worth of shit in here with me! Do you want to come join me?! Think of all the fun we could have! I know you want to come play! You want to join me! We can smear each other’s bodies and make each other cum so hard! We could have the most amazing sex and cum like crazy in this pool of poop! Maybe we could have a cute girl come join us too! We could stay in here forever! Pooping and smearing our shit all day! We would have so much fun! Please come join me in my pool of poop!

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I want to make you live in my shit forever! You like this pool of my poop don’t you? You like it so much you want to stay in it forever, don’t you? I could make you live in my poop! I could tie you up, chain up down, and force you to stay in my mountain of shit forever! Every day I would come in and push out another load of shit until you were completely buried in my shit! You’d like that wouldn’t you? You want to spend the rest of your life living in my shit!

Lick Me Clean
Look how filthy I am! I’m completely covered in an entire month’s worth of my shit! I need you to clean me up! And I need you to do it with your mouth! You know you’re dying to anyways! Get your tongue out and lick me clean! Lick and suck all this shit off of me! It would take me forever to clean up by myself! That’s why I need you to lick all this poop off of me! Suck it off my toes, eat my shit off of my big boobs, suck it out of my ass crack and lick my wet pussy clean! This is what you’re made for! Licking and sucking my shit covered body!

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Being in this amazing pool of poop turns me on and makes me cum so hard! Sometimes I cum so hard that I squirt! I love how good it feels to squirt! Squirting orgasms are the best! Want to watch me squirt in my pool of poo? I push this toy deep inside my horny pussy and fuck myself so good! Listen! You can hear how wet my pussy is! Listen to all the juices and watch as it bursts out of my pussy! Mmm! I’m such a wet, horny girl, squirting in my pool of poop! Look at all this squirt! I flooded my pool! Watch me smear my squirt and shit all over my face! I love being a nasty shit lover!

Clean Up
I’ve had so much fun playing in my pool filled with a month’s worth of poop! But now it’s time to get cleaned up. I know a lot of you wonder how I clean up after all these fun shit smearing adventures. I answer all the questions you may have and show you some of my secret tips and tricks to cleaning up after a particularly messy shit session!

I hope you enjoy this amazing shit adventure and cum just as much as I did!


Scat 766 – A Month Of My Shit – Complete Adventure!


Girls Only Scat Party (Truth Or Dare Leads To Imani’s Fantasy) ($34.99 Scathunter) – scat fetish

Hello everyone anddddd welcome back to the greatest scat show on earth! hehe We have an incredible movie here on tap, and I just finished it, so while it’s fresh on my mind I am going to give you the low low down This movie totally blew me away! There is a scene which I feel is the pinnacle of the movie where Imani has her deepest darkest fantasy fulfilled, and boyyyyy does it not disappoint! Mr Cheeks told me he felt as if he were filming fetish history as the scene happened! He said and I quote from a text message “It would be hard to film a better scat scene then Imani had, the swallowing of vomit and scat was epic. Scat is more then just getting it in your mouth and playing with it, the home run scenes are the swallows”; and in my opinion he’s right right lol This was some hardcore stuff geeeesh! So to give you an idea of what was happening here and some context, the scene opens up with the girls having a fetish party and playing a game of truth or dare. The scene features Raquel, Angela and Imani. They were having a lot of fun together and I was totally enjoying the stories and overall vibe of the movie! A dare had Angela pee into a cup and Imani drink it all, and another dare had Angela licking Raquel’s feet and pretty toes! But the movie takes a turn for the extreme when Imani reveals her darkest fantasy! She admits she wanted two girls to shit into her mouth while she used a vibrator and had an orgasm, but she wanted to actually try to swallow both loads!! (And she almost did swallow it all, it was incredibly impressive and had my white panties soaked all the way through! I will be totally honest, this scene with her eating drove me to an almost instant orgasm and I selfishly had about three more hehe) But little did she know they were going to make that fantasy a reality! Angela was the first to drop her load into Imani’s mouth. Now it got intense super fast. Because as she was swallowing it, she would vomit it right back up into her own mouth, then she would swallow the vomit mixed with scat, and then she would puke again all into her own mouth being careful not to lose any of it everrrrrrrr! Her mouth was like a constant over flowing toilet bowl full of vomit and scat that was constantly being swallowed and replenished! It was soooo intense watching her in such pleasure! She was orgasming so hard and gushing almost non stop like a faucet, her pussy was squirting like an explosion; as she continued to swallow her scat cocktail! I could watch that Imani scene over and over again. And just when you think it can’t get any better Raquel drops her load into her mouth as well, and the never ending pleasure gasm continues! Both Angela and Raquel both were there kissing her and pleasuring her throughout the entire scene. But you know Imani would return the favor She actually was able to shit into both of there mouths at the same time as they kissed with it and swapped it. You could tell though they were having a much harder time with the scat then Imani was, who aced every swallow and second of this movie. Although Angela was able to grab the vibrator and have a scat induced orgasm as well, she still struggled with the smell and gagging! This was just an absolutely incredible movie and I can promise you this is one that you do NOT want to miss lol It is an absolute nut drainer There is nothing look a good female scat orgy, with a historic scat performance for the ages by Imani! Enjoy
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Sucking while shitting and then getting fucked starring in video Brownsensations ($34.99 ScatShop)

Sucking dick while dropping a huge creamy load. When i finished pooping i got fucked in my dirty ass until i twerked while he cum on my phat ass.

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Panty shitting scat sex with golden shower starring in video Brownsensations ($34.99 ScatShop)

Taking a nice bug soft load in my sheer panties, you can hear it coming out loud and clear. aa Pull them to the side when I’m done to show you my messy ass and pussy. As I’m doing that i receive my aaa golden shower and get my dirty ass fucked.

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Shit smearing sex starring in video Brownsensations ($34.99 ScatShop)

Was going to make a video shitting my panties and smearing it. During making it we both hit turned on and wanted to fuck immediately and it got dirty. He fucked my filthy ass until more shit came out and shot his load in the crack of my ass.

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