Christmas Tree Destroyed with Farts and Diarrhea starring in video Goddess Zaleya (38.99€ YezzClips) – diarrhea

was checking the Christmas presents when IT Commenced! The hurricane! Farting after farting until I got angry and begun to ruin the Christmas tree by removing each decoration. For each decoration I did a fart. Santa loved it. Santa loves booty and farts. Santa is a pervert. Thats why he has given me so many boots. Because I am a girl with a big juicy ass. Perfect for Santa. After I was done with the decorations, I took my pink strap on and told Santa Ill fuck his ass hard for this delight he has given to me. At the end, I laid on the floor, with a roller, on my belly, with my ass up so that Ill remove all the farts.The next morning, after an intense gym workout, I decided to ruin the Christmas Tree with a smelly diarrhea next to it! Enjoy my sexy ass doing stinky farts and a diarrhea!

Format: MP4
Duration: 13 Min
Size: 581 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080