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I had a slave come over to eat my shit and drink my piss while he jerked his cock. He didn’t want to be filmed so I took a picture of the shit on his chest then put it in a bowl. I show you the big bowl of shit and sit on the toilet to release the rest. There’s a lot more shit ans I grunt, moan, and strain getting it out of me. It burns my ass pretty badly. When I’m done, I get in the bathtub and empty the bowl of shit. You can see peas in it from the cottage pie I had the other night. I squish my sexy toes in it and tease you saying I’d love to give a footjob with my feet covered in shit. After playing in my hot shit for a while, I clean up the mess. It takes a good long while to force the turds down the tub because of how thick and chunky the turds are. This is a very messy clip sure to make you cum as hard as my good little toilet slave did.

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How nice shit your slave girl in mouth in the morning and have dirty scat sex. Get completely covered in shit and fuck this little toilet bitch with strapon in her pussy and ass, let her moan and squirm on my dick. All this excites me so much, I finish over and over again and this toilet whore does not lag behind, masturbates next to me, squeaks with pleasure. All I’m cumming, come toilet slut, lick my wet pussy, lick my juices, it’s such bliss

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The first time ever that i actually use a mouth as a toilet and i must say it’s no better feeling. Started off with twerking all over toilet boy face and tongue, as he lick my ass and turd as it starts to peek. When my shit can no longer be detained i use his my and face for what it was intended for, a fat fucking load of shit with a lot of piss….. you should see how pathetic he looks lol. I then smear my titts and ass with my shit showing a nice tease. Since my toilet bitch was such a good boy and letting me unload in his mouth, i decided to be nice and let him fuck my dirty ass and feel me with his hot cum and i push it out in a bowl full of shit.

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Shitting and pissing on my toilet boy face. Let him stuff his dick in my ass to bounce on him. When i feel the urge to shit some more i get up to spread my ass to piss and shit on him again. Gathered all of my shit together to milk his dick until he explodes every where.

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