HAIRY POO Artofscat (€19) – Scat Solo

QS hasn’t shaved her pussyhair for several months. She sits in a long dildo put on a transparent chair while pushing out a boozy chocolate induced shit/diarrhea mix, which she spreads into her hairy pussy. After that she dips the dildo in the shit and pushes it up into her vagina, repeating the dipping several times. Then she stuffs the remaining shit up into her vagina and finally she pushes it out.

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BLONDE BRAID BLUES starring in video Nazryana- Artofscat (€25) – Lesbian Scat Girls

This is our first direct lesbian shitting in mouth scat experience with Nazryana. For starters, I have to clarify that since it’s not always trivial to shit on demand, we had to use some liquor filled bonbons as a catalyst to induce bowel movements, so what you see in the movie is not fake shit but a mixture of diarrhea, shit, bonbons and liquor. The strong gag reflexes will surely prove it for you, lol 🙂

The post BLONDE BRAID BLUES starring in video Nazryana- Artofscat (€25) – Lesbian Scat Girls first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.

Surreal Babe and Fetish Scat Play starring in video DirtyBetty ($16.99 ScatShop) – POV Scat

A cold and ominous room.
Surreal ambient music.
Huge Poop Play and Smear Shit on Face! Dark Scat Fetish Show!
A charming, strange girl with extraordinary love.
Her eyes are burning with passion, and her ass is about to burst.
The pressure builds, and a stream of thick, warm, and fragrant shit bursts out of her huge, throbbing ass!
Everything is covered in shit, but this is just the beginning, you will see the spectacle of crazy games with shit in her mouth, sucking, licking, smearing a large layer on her face, sniffing, and etc!
You will see not only a sexy pooping ass with a truly monstrous shit but also a real passion for your own feces.

Format: MP4
Duration: 7 Min
Size: 1057 Mb
Resolution: 3840×2160

Surreal_Babe_and_Fetish_Scat_Play.mp4 – 262.15 MB

Stinky Poo Trapin Smelly Ass starring in video DirtyBetty ($18.99 ScatShop) – Scat

Just two brand new and incredible sexy clips in one video!
Disastrously smelly and terribly disgusting shit after Chinese dishes with carrots, mushrooms, etc.
And all this is carefully lubricated with condensed milk, I think now you are ready to accept this fragrant gift from my sexy ass!
Plus a huge pile of thick creamy shit, dirty anal fingering, smearing shit all over my ass and so much more. All this and much more awaits you in this unique video!
Excellent quality and unique atmosphere will make you dissolve in the chair and be transported to the toilet with a hot ass, aromas of shit, shitting sounds, dirty holes, and of course a huge amount of fresh, tender, and warm shit!

Format: MP4
Duration: 7 Min
Size: 2889 Mb
Resolution: 3840×2160