Abbah Girrl – Smelly Stuffies ($9.99 YezzClips)

I wear diapers because they are cute and they make me feel so safe. I’m a piggy princess! Lookie at my stuffies and my princess diaper! I’m all clean right now but I don’t just wear diapers for show! I actually use them! I go poo poo in my princess diapers! I don’t like being smelly and stinky though! I wish I had someone to change me! I wish someone would save me and change me out of my stinky poo poo diaper and clean my bum up! Then put me in a nice new diaper! I’ve got a diaper full of stink! Oh it’s smelly and gross! I don’t like being a stinky girl! I want to be a cute, clean princess!

Look! Look at the yucky mess in my cute little diaper! There’s poops everywhere and all over my bum! Ewww!