Angelas Filthy Mouth – Magic Booty Treat Mix (€15.99 YezzClips)

How long will two perfect idiots last with our feet stuck in their throats before showing real retching? My beautiful friend says that probably a couple of minutes will be more than enough I say instead that the retching will come much, much sooner. But first you have to break his mouth directly with the tip of our shoes so as to dislocate the jaws and immediately have an easy access without any resistance. throat immediately. My friend’s slave seems to have more resistance, but after 3 strong attempts, his mouth also gives way completely. Now we can have fun fucking these fucking mouths. With more and more direct and deep lunges I feel that his mouth widens more and more and when the retching begins to become more and more numerous, resisting becomes completely impossible and here a gush of vomit splashes on the ground ready to be cleaned up to the last straw … Because that’s exactly what my friend and I have in mind. Will these two worms be able to face such extreme foot gagging? It will be better for them or they will suffer a punishment that they will remember for a lifetime !!!