Scat tennis starring in video Daddysaysgo (Scatbook)

Here I am lying on the floor while I wait for you: I’m wearing a cute pink sweatshirt with a teddy bear and some white panties and tennis shoes. I start by telling you that I was watching a TV series but I was really bored. I stand up, close the window a little and go back to sit on the ground. I put the camera on the ground and put the panties in front of your eyes … I push … I start to pee but not only … they also get dirty with hot shit on the back and you start to see the brown stripe. How sexy and hot it is! I take them off in front of your nose and little pieces of shit fall to the ground even on my shoes … while I lick my dirty panties I also lick my tennis shoes and kiss the dirty shit sole. Then to finish I take a lollipop I stick it in my dirty asshole and with a vibrator I cum in multiple clitoral orgasms with visible contractions!

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