Shit Smeared Sheets! – Both Parts! – SamanthaStarfish





Watch both of the incredibly awful recordings of me playing grimy fun poo game sin my bed! Look at that monstrous climax toward the end!
Section 1:
Goodness! That underhanded scat young lady is grinding away once more!
How has she dealt with her excellent white sheets!?

It has been bound to happen however I at last had the opportunity to do some glad dreadful scat play in my bed! I have four huge burdens put something aside for this occasion! I heap all the poo up on my white sheets. The dim earthy colored poop makes a particularly delightful differentiation with the white sheets!
I get the huge heap of poo and begin to spread everything over my tremendous tits! They look so beautiful spread with my crap! I take the lumps of poo and smear everything over my body! I love being shrouded in my delightful crap! Watch me move around in the sheets getting them so grimy! Those helpless sheets won’t ever be white again!
I envision being screwed in my bed while shrouded in poop! I move around in the sheets envisioning somebody with me playing wicked crap games!
Section 2:
Watch me smear my body with poo! Hear me out ask to be screwed not too far off in my bed! It’s alright that my sheets are demolished! I’m covered it poo and turns me on to such an extent! This is the thing that makes me cheerful and horny!
I move around in my poo and sheets getting totally foul. I love speaking profanely to you. Mentioning to you how I wish you were doing me!
I get so turned on I need to cum so terrible! Fortunately I have an adorable little dildo to screw my grimy pussy with! I screw my messy pussy and groan, envisioning that it’s a decent hard chicken freaking my wet pussy opening! I cum so hard! I love making myself cum while I’m canvassed in poop!
Look at the wreck I make in my bed!
This is one HOT video!

Release Year: 2021
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing



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