Scat Swallow Dental Floss By Top Scat Babe Lina


New exclusiv SG movie with super scat babe Lina. In this sick scat swallow movie she play with a dental floss that she fix on her paynty and puss her all panty with the dental floss into her asshole. Inside her body is a lot lot of finest shit waiting to come out and get swallowed by her. So she pull out all of her shit with the panty and the dental floss and pee in the same time, woow, epic scene! Then she start to swallow all of the shit and play with a dildo and her panty fresh of shit! So dont miss that new sick scat movie with top scat swallow babe Lina. Don’t miss our constantly updated scat swallow videos because you’ll enjoy every minute of it!

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Sperm and shit!


Liza and Amina decided to make a surprise for the slave. They brought condoms full of sperm, after sex with their lovers. But that’s not all – the girls wanted to shit and immediately after the sperm slave took in his mouth-toilet 4 smelly portions of shit!

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All 6 girls powerfully crap!


Today the girls decided to play with their slave. The slave had to perform various tasks and show the animals. The girls scoffed at him and beat him if he wrongly portrayed an animal. But at the end a reward awaited him. He got delicious fragrant shit from beautiful asses of 6 girls.

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Girls show ass and feed slave!


Early morning! After that, the girls will go about their business, someone will go to work, and someone will go home to continue to sleep! But now they want to shit and the toilet slave expects a delicious delicacy! – He has to eat everything and he is waiting in the room next to him, he will not see what kind of panties today dressed girls and will not see their sweet ass! – But in the end they will bring him a huge and stinky plate, filled with girls shit and their names.

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Female defecation into slave’s mouth after bathing


Female defecation into slave’s mouth after bathing. Cold fall. In inclement and rainy weather, there is nothing more pleasant than taking a hot bath and relaxing. Therefore, Mrs. Christina and Victoria decided to go to the sauna to soak up the warm steam and swim in the pool. To get more pleasure, the girls took with them two slaves – me and Bernar. We had to serve the girls, fulfill all their whims, entertain them and provide toilet services. Mistresses don’t treat slaves as men, so they don’t scruple to completely undress and conduct female conversations. I really like to serve girls in the sauna, because I have the opportunity to enjoy the view of beautiful female bodies, the view of their beautiful breasts and ass. However, at the same time, I have no right to all this as a man. Last evening, Christina and Victoria had a very good dinner, and in the morning they deliberately did not go to the toilet. They decided that they would poop in the sauna, into the mouth of a slave. Finally, this moment has come. Mistresses decided to use the toilet. I had laid down near the pool, and Christina’s ass hung over my head. I drank her urine and opened my mouth to receive her shit. I did not even have time to blink when my mouth was filled to the brim with the bitter and stinky porridge from her ass. Swallowing this porridge was very difficult. Bernar also tasted this because he was licking Christina’s ass after she filled my mouth. Then came the turn of Mistress Victoria. At first, she wetted whole my face with her urine. Then suddenly she farted with a loud sound. A warm breeze from her anus struck my nose, and I inhaled this divine smell. Very slowly her anus began to open and thick sausage of her shit began to come into my mouth. And then another .. And yet .. Victoria pooped for a very long time, but my mouth was full as a result. Victoria’s shit was sweet, but it was hard to eat this, because it was solid. Mistresses were pleased with me and Bernar. They decided that they would always take slaves with them to the sauna.

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