Mean Schoolgirls Utterly Destroy Nerdy Boys Model Railroad starring in video JosslynKane

For the fans of my destruction films, I am once again destroying with no mercy an entire model railroad. This time Diana Spark joins me to help ruin the train. We play the part of two schoolgirls who want to ruin a silly boy’s train set. Once we are invited over to his house, we trick him and then have a lot of fun to stomp and crush all his trains to bits. The smashed bridge, broken locomotives, and wrecked passenger cars are both peed upon by us. Then we finish demolishing everything else while in the nude and trample it all flat under our sexy shoes. Now all the ruins are swept up and tossed into the bathtub. Diana and I use the ruined train set as a toilet for the evening, enjoying taking turns peeing and shitting upon its wreckage. I film the aftermath, showing how badly we destroyed everything. We both thank our host for a lovely evening and the opportunity to play with his train.

Format: MP4
Duration: 39 Min
Size: 986 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080