Deep_Impact1 – Farting & shitting … now smell it (€16.99 YezziClips)

I’m going to shit in the toilet with my back to the camera. I throw several normal and somewhat consistent cairns. Some last piece resisted me a lot more… I couldn’t get out… I was really making a lot of effort but I felt that it wasn’t going to come out anyway. I have to sit down to rest several times because my leg muscles hurt… Then I squirted very hot pee. I rub my index finger down the poop-stained ass hole and bring it up to my nose to sniff it. how could i describe it? hmm… i really don’t know! 😅 … basically… it smells like shit and that’s it!? 😄🤣 having that smell penetrating the deepest part of my nostrils was causing me fatigue and retching… even though in the video I’m controlling myself. In the end I can’t help but cough.. I also get to do a little twerk, hip movement and shake my ass. At the end you will see all the load in the toilet up close for you to delight and enjoy…

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