Put your face in the toilet! Pissed off by 2 guys / Gesicht ins Klo gestopft! Angepisst von 2 Typen starring in video Dolly Dyson ($29.99 ScatShop)

Custom Oreder: “Again you captured your next target successfully and put him in your special toilet and take care of him when the time has come. He is now here for hours as you go out for a night out party(even a secret hitwoman can have fun) and you hold your bowel movement for hours so you can have a big one for him as you gonna take some big pleasure when it will comes out from your ass and destroy him, it will be nasty. And now the time has come as you come home from your night out and you really need to take a shit now so you come here, in a very very sexy short tight and sleeveless dress, with a tiny thong and heels, with some make up too and looking him in his bowl, you show you are in a good mood, really impatient to sit down and destroy his face with your as you tease him with an eye wink and a middle finger as you tease him with your curves too and a little slap on your ass as you take down your thong and plop your big ass on the toilet, sighing and rolling your eyes in relief as it feel so good to sit “AHHH…sit here for a bit”. Make yourself comfy as you cross your legs and take out your shoes. Take the magasine who is around and start reading it as you let out some pee as you moan in pleasure when it comes out as it feel so good to let it out from your pussy. Turn around to look at him under you and mock him, keep reading as your push and the awaited moment comes as a big one is coming out. You grunt as you push, even blow and said “oooh fuck”, amazed by the big one who is coming and finally splash down as you moan in pleasure because you needed to shit so much, you turn around to see a big mess on his face and make an ironic “oups” face like you feel sorry for him but it’s not the case as you don’t care about him, you raise your shoulder in a way like such is life as you are payed for that. Keep reading and pushing, smiling a bit while reading, telling to yourself “I am so sexy” just because you are and it’s more humiliating for him to hear that as indeed a sexy woman his shitting on him with her sexy ass as more comes out; every piece who comes out from your ass feels good, but it smell awfully to. Keep reading as you stay seated and note that he is still alive but you are starting to feel constipated, you keep pushing as you want to finish him but it won’t come out. You start to be a bit irritated and say things like “fuck” or “come out” as you push but still nothing. You need to finish him but you can’t for now, put away the mag and take a thinking position and concentrate. You push and push but a little bit comes out but not enough, you are slightly irritated because you need him dead if you want to be payed. After a few more unsuccessful try, with nothing who comes out unless a bit pee “more pee-pee at least” you give up, frustrated as you get up and wipe as you throw the paper on him, spit on him too and humiliate him verbally, telling that you will come back later, you even slam your ass on the seat again so he can see your big ass who is gonna destroy him the next time, you can tease him a bit as you fart one last time as it feel good to let it out at least, you tell him that you are not finished with him as you get and put back your thong…the next time will be definitely dirty and violent.”


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