Step By Step Instructions On Appreciating my Shit POV starring in video efrolesbians ($11.99 ScatShop) – Poop Videos

Time to prove your loyalty to your shit goddess, I of course torment you making you virtually beg for my asshole to be above you. I force you further and further down, so I can drop my shit load right in your face. Then I make you lick it… thick wet and warm shit pile. That is NOT good enough slave, dive into it, get your nose in there. Watch my face as you enjoy my treat. I order you to open up now, gobble it up. Open wide. We spend a good back and forth session making you savor my dark shiny batch of shit.

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Laxative Explosive Diarrhea 7 Trips To Shit starring in video efrolesbians ($24.99 ScatShop) – Poop Videos

First off, I explain the over eating of the weekend celebration, Then right in front of you I take a laxative. Next up, 7 trips to the toilet where I shoot water out of my ass all over my toilet over and over. It just wont stop. Beginning at about the 3rd trip I feel weak shaky really horrible. I am going down hard with this really bad bad idea to find away to rush horrible high fat grease salt and butter out of my system. Thought it was going to help, but it left me feeling like hell, aches pains and cramping, extreme cramping, not just low but all the way up my belly to my tits. It was horrible. I just drag you along into my bathroom, where I tear up my asshole with all the over wiping, the raw liquid shit sprays out my shit hole rather close up. I shoot shit as high up as the flusher handle the lid, the back and all over the bowl 7 different times. But the end I have learned a huge lesson, of letting nature take it’s course. Huge mistake. I end with a quick follow up about my final thoughts on the 12hr ordeal of liquid ass hell, and how I damn near fainted from a huge lack of hydration. 35 Minutes of shit after shit. Contains some farts, pee pee, whimpering, light complaints, hard sighs and some grunting.

Length: 34:29s
Resolution: 1920×1080
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Efrolesbians – Laxative Spiked Revenge ($10.99 ScatShop)

This girl keeps fucking around with my husband. She is suppose to be my best friend! I invited her over to talk about this woman to woman. Yet, Hey I’m spiteful and a bit cruel, so I spiked her juice with some senokot laxatives, and they hit her so fast we can’t finish our argument, she begins cramping and complaining and begging to talk about this later. Mid argument she attempts to rush to the toilet, but see’s I have written CHEAT on her forehead, the wipe off takes to long and she craps her pants~ Hahaha!! Best revenge ever.

efrolesbians – POV Extreme Humiliation Shit Lover ($10.99 ScatShop)

You’re on your knees weak and small eagerly awaiting my asshole treat! I find your presents pathetic, weak and shameful. I taunt tease and sit right on your face many times working you up, making you excited. I notice your slimy lil erection and increase my tirade of your filthy thrills of shit. With lots of strain struggle and grunting I manage to drop you two long awaited nugget size turds. That is all you deserve!

Cynthiagarcia1212 – Shitty Anal Dildo ($19.99 YezziClips)

I’m nude and hungry for some big into my tight asshole. Are you excited just like me? Are you getting hard when I flash my naked petite body and talking about asshole? I knee in doggy and present my ass and asshole close up then stick first 1 of my finger then 2, 3 and I try to fist my ass first time. I try to push my hand inside. But this time big poo reveal inside my ass and hard to fist my ass as hand hits my shit inside. Asshole also gape itself because of big shit inside. Painful and pleasure at same time. I guess I’m ready for my big cock dildo. Slowly penetrate in asshole and keep playing with. It’s just so big to me this time as well. My face express all of pain and pleasure. I keep trying to stretch myself step to step and dildo gets dirty by my nasty shit. And I can’t wait to push it out on the dildo. I gape asshole, fucking in doggy hardly and made it dirty with some shit. I’m moaning and desperate to release it. It’s so hard to push it out but I won. Afterwards I turn to missionary legs bending next to my head and in great sight to dirty gaping asshole, I do some prolapse as well, and made my holes super juicy and wet by dildo. After few minutes of missionary anal fuck I turn back to my fave doggy pose and keep enjoying my shitty ass. I’m your little dirty slut on my forth and just let you cum deep inside my pretty shitty I also ensure lots of close up gaping asshole view. I zoom to my close up dirty asshole and still gaping it then pushing out bubbly wet farts xtreme close. You can get view into my anus nicely 🙂 Lot’s of intense anal, gaping, dirty stretching, big shit, moaning and more. Have fun 🙂

Efrolesbians – It’s Time To Talk Shit ($12.99 ScatShop)

Feeling pretty sexy today but oopse, I got to shit. I enter sit, pee and make sure you have a full view of my pee, then I move right onto letting go of my turds. You can see them slide out, you can see my pussy spread open white cream come to the opening. My shit is really stinky, more potent then normal and it does take a moment to collect my thoughts from this stink. I carry on, I push and strain my shit out, watch it splash in the water. I keep pushing and then begin a dialog with you. I’m pretty sure I can nail the reason you love watching me shit, I diagnose you. Crude observations are shared about my attempt to grasp your addiction to shit. I have a brief personal story the directly relates to exactly what I think your dirty little secret stems from. I continue to poo through out, grunting straining. Shocked and disturbed that your wish to be at my very most vulnerable moment. I finally finish up with a forward wiping toilet paper show, then move to side for a back wipe and then I bring you in the bowl for a close up.