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I was making the rounds unveiling some pleasant flatulating and scat pornography when I occurred across an enormous rank heap of poo in a latrine! Some abnormal young lady had left her crap in a washroom and didn’t flush! The subsequent I strolled into the restroom I could smell the odor! My cunt got wet so quick! I turned my camera on and went to examine the more peculiar’s poop!

The latrine the crap is in is so dreadful and grimy! I venture my hand into the soiled poo filled latrine and contact the odd young lady’s pieces of poop! I have no clue about who’s poop this is! I realize that it’s a young lady’s since I’m in the ladies’ bathroom! Playing with a weird young lady’s crap is making me so horny!

I venture my hand into the filthy latrine and pull out a decent wet heap of crap! It feels so great in my grasp. I feel the piece of poop and sniff it! I truly need to taste it! I know it’s so wicked and awful to taste a more unusual’s crap yet I need to so terrible! I stick my tongue out and lick the abnormal young lady’s crap! Mmm! It’s so acceptable! An unpleasant heap of crap!

My pussy is trickling now! I put the poo to my face and begin scouring my pussy! I will sniff this present more peculiar’s crap while I am jerking off in a filthy public restroom! I’m going to cum actually soon! I’m getting off on sniffing a peculiar young lady’s poop however the thing is truly going to set me off and make me cum so hard is on the off chance that I lick this dreadful more unusual’s crap! I stick my tongue out and contact it to the crap! My pussy detonates into a climax!

Wow! That felt so great! I can’t really accept that what I just did! Furthermore, I can’t really accept that how great it felt!

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