I Want You To Shit Fuck Me! – SamanthaStarfish





I’m a particularly horny scat sweetheart! I need you to screw my poop chute when it’s loaded up with a major heap of poo! Actually like it is at the present time! I have an immense heap of crap that is only frantic to come out! I wish I had a decent hard rooster to pack my crap in profound! Be that as it may, I just have this elastic dildo! I get it should do! I push the toy up into my butt. It takes a ton of work since it hits all that poop that needs out so terrible! I’m solid however and I push that crap far up my crap chute! I pack my crap in so profound! Goodness it feels astounding! Simply lick a genuine cockerel would!

Yet, all that ass screwing will not keep my butt nuggets in! My butt pushes the dildo without a doubt come a major, chaotic heap of crap! It feels astonishing to push all that poo out! It falls directly on the chicken and everywhere on my legs as well! Also, I get crap all up my plumber’s butt as well! This is a particularly untidy heap of crap! I gather up my crap and smear everything over my large butt! I snatch the dildo and screw my crappy ass! I’m screwing it very much like I would screw your rooster!

Envision that you were screwing my butt and out of nowhere I poo your cockerel out and a Colossal heap of crap come shooting out as well! I simply poo everywhere on your chicken! You’d love that wouldn’t you!? You’d take your crappy rooster and you’d push it directly back up my butt sphincter and poop screw my grimy ass until I came everywhere on your chicken!? At that point we could spread my crap everywhere on our bodies and on our countenances as well!

That is actually the thing I’m doing well at this point! I’m crap screwing myself and spreading my poop all over as I envision you screwing me and spreading poo everywhere on my body! You can screw my crappy ass and afterward screw my large, delicious tits as well!? I love having my tits poop screwed! It feels astounding and looks so hot to see a poo covered cockerel screwing my large, regular, crap spread tits!

This is perhaps the most sweltering video I’ve in some time! I’m certain you’ll cherish watching it similarly however much I adored making it!


Release Year: 2021
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing



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