She Intended Blood But The Shit Showed Up starring in video goddessemmalove ($15.99 ScatShop) – Period Play

Clip 1: Goddess Emma Love is wearing a black top and black pants. She is sitting on a brown chair with a white towel on the seat. The chair is in the bathtub.
When Emma pulls down her black pants you see her inner thighs have period blood. It looks very similar to red wings.
When Emma is completely naked she starts playing with her pussy. She smears blood on her inner thighs, her stomach and breasts. Emma is farting a lot too.
Emma starts to pee. While she is pushing down to pee the poop comes out. She picks up the poop and plays with it and smears it all over her body and face.

Clip 2: Goddess Emma Love is sitting in a chair with dried poop on her face and body. Due to technical difficulty the poop has had time to dry. Eeeewwwww! She takes some water and pours it on her body to moisten the shit. She turns around to show off her big beautiful butt and smears poop all over her butt cheeks. She turns to the side and smears the poop all over herself. Emma returns to the front view and continues to smear poop all over her body.

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Pee And Poop On The White Tile Floor starring in video goddessemmalove ($8.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 12, 2021) – Diapers/ABDL

Are you ready for me sweetheart? I first take my top off and model my diaper. I pee some in my diaper then take it off. Then I let out the fountain of pee all over white tile floor. Then I spread my butt cheeks to let out some shit. I smear it all over my body and face. Then I insert the enema and poop some more.
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Pee Poop And Wipe On The Couch starring in video goddessemmalove ($7.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 12, 2021) – Poop Videos

First Goddess Emma Love takes off her white robe. Underneath the robe is a white baby doll outfit. She bends over to slip off her thong. Then the Goddess climbs on the couch and lets out a huge green mess of poop. She had been eating spinach and you can tell. After she finishes her major let out she then reaches for the toilet paper and tears a piece off. She then wipes her butthole and shows you the left over poop.

She Went Poopy In Bed starring in video goddessemmalove($15.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 12, 2021) – Poop Videos

Why is Emma crying? Because her asshole friend won’t get out of the restroom. Emma climbs in bed so can be comfortable when she takes a shit. Her butt is facing you and she spreads her legs like she is ready to go doggy style. The poop squeezes out of her anus like clay from a toy machine. She pees a lot too. Oh Emma! The poop pile is big even after it has been watered down with pee. Emma continues to poop and the pile gets bigger. She gets done and decides to have some play time. Emma lays on her side and starts massaging her breasts with poop then she works her way down to her belly then her pussy. She then rubs poop on her face.

Format: MP4
Duration: 10 Min
Size: 71 Mb
Resolution: 320×240

Pearls, Pantyhose And Shit Play By Goddess Emma Love starring in video goddessemmalove ($16.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 08, 2021) – Efro

I got all dressed up in white. I even painted my nails a silver glitter color. I put on a pretty pearl necklace with matching earrings. I put on a pretty white bra, with white pantyhose, white granny panties and silver shoes. I first pose in different positions to show of my outfit and my figure. I then spread my legs so I can pee through my panties. I then get in the doggie position to shit in my panties. I then pull off my panties to show that I have big shit patty in my pantyhose.I then take off my panties and pantyhose and smear the shit on my face, legs, pussy, ass, white bra and even smear it in my hair. I then take out some dildos and fuck myself in the puss and ass.

Length: 14:05s
Resolution: 640×480
Download Format: wmv
File Size: 377 MB

Red Mask Period, Poop, and Pee Play starring in video goddessemmalove ($7.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 08, 2021) – Period Play

I start off with a blue top and red mask. I then take off my blue top and show the blood on the kotex pad. I rub my bloody pussy and rub the blood on my boobs. I am not bleeding too much but some is visible. I then lift up my butt so I can let my pee spray out. Then I poop out my turds. I then smear poop all over my body and face. I have some music on so I dance seductively while smearing and playing with my poop.

Length: 11:17s
Resolution: 1440×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 559 MB