kinkpeek – Human Toilet Paper 8: Ass Re-Orientation Complete ($9.99 ScatShop)

Princess Veronica Valentine and Mistress Sailor Luna are now in the final stages of their slave’s Ass Re-Orientation training, attempting to focus his sexuality completely on their assholes via Pavlovian conditioning. The final stage is learning to clean and get excited by their dirty assholes after they’ve been using them. Mistress Luna announces this as Princess Valentine waits patiently, telling him “You’re going to clean up ALL my mess, and I want your dick to get hard for me while you clean it up!”

She slowly opens Her cherry ass, revealing the smeared mess inside. With Her cheeks spread wide open, She lowers Her filthy rosebud directly onto the slave’s mouth. The slave lets loose with a genuine scream of humiliation and disgust as he realizes what he is being forced to do. For his efforts he gets a reprimand and a nice tap on the balls with the rattan cane. He has no choice but to lick Her clean, and he grudgingly does, amid retching, gags and crying. He is so broken that he eventually is licking up Her waste like he’s eating a chocolate ice cream cone.

Next up is Mistress Luna, who announces that She has to move Her bowels and will have a clean up job for the slave. When She returns, She announces that She accidentally got some on Her fingers, and makes the slave carefully lick and suck each one clean. She then spreads open Her magnificent ass, revealing a filthy, caviar coated anus. Princess Valentine tells the slave “You’re going to eat up every…last…piece from Her ass”. She drops Her anus completely on top of the slave’s mouth, and despite his pleadings, forces him to clean every delicious morsel. Spreading Her cheeks wide so Princess Valentine can audit the job. Finally, after the slave has finished, he is allowed to recover for a short time until his full toilet training starts. What a lucky slave.

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