Scat Domination Extreme – Top Model Niki And Patricia Big Blue Eyes starring in video Niki (22.00€ SG-Video) – Piss swallow

Top Model Girl Niki wants a massage from Patricia. She doesn’t like the way of massage and starts to get angry. Patricia has to receive really strong hard slaps from Niki again and again! Niki gets very angry and pisses into her mouth so much I have never seen before!! Real, perfect pee directly into Patricia’s fucking mouth! After she gives her really good face sitting, smothering, slaps, spitting, scissor… all what a good domination movie needs! And the best…She Shits directly a big Scat into Patricia’s fucking mouth! Very nice to see how she opens her real big blue eyes! Her face is used by Niki as toiletpaper. I loved seeing when Niki put her feet or hand over her mouth and nose. This movie is filmed in cinema quality and belongs to our cinema line movies!

Format: MP4
Duration: 31 Min
Size: 673 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

In Your Stomach, Pig (4K) starring in video LoveRachelle2 ($13.99 ScatShop)

“Make me a video of you squatting into the shipping container and spreading your asshole as you shit into it. I love hearing you moan and the noise it makes when you push it out and it slides out. The white pussy cream that falls into it is a bonus. Then can you tell me how much it turns you on knowing that I’m eating your filth, waste, and chocolate. As you spread your holes for me and show me your toes.”

Format: MP4
Duration: 12 Min
Size: 1668 Mb
Resolution: 3840×2160

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Feeding Time! starring in video MadameDuB ($13.99 ScatShop)

My shit is so delicious and irresistible, you’ll happily cancel any plans you had to serve under Me as My toilet. Just like this lucky turd muncher right here. You’ll be left stroking and wishing that that was you all the while you ask yourself questions like “how much does She fill Her toilet?”, “how messy does Her toilet get?” and “how did he get so lucky?”

Format: MP4
Duration: 7 Min
Size: 237 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

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