Enormous Big Scat By Sophia Faber And Penelope – Take My Enormous Shit In Your Little Sweet Mouth (22.99€ SG-Video) – scat portuguese

Super sexy domina Sophia Faber is going to punish her young slave in many ways. She is smothering Penelope firstly with her strong hands and then with her big butt. Penelope must also taste her domina’s spit, what she will get many times on her face till the end. When Sophia had enough from her little games, she is going to scat an enormous big shit into Penelope’s mouth. Penelope is receiving an extra large, hot scat portion into her mouth, and she must play with that just as like her domina orders. She must eat hot pieces from the floor or from the big scat-ball that Sophia made for the slave. Penelope will swim in scat until Sophia feels that she is done with her little, stupid slave.

Format: MP4
Duration: 33 Min
Size: 1817 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


Slave Seller starring in video Bruna, Chimeny and Lust

Lust needs a new slave so she contacted Chimeny to buy it. Chimeny told her that she has the perfect slave for Lust. The goddess decides to test the slave, a very dirty test. After some initial testing and abuse of the slave, including licking boots and being a human couch, the slave is forced to eat poop.

Starring: Bruna, Chimeny, and Lust

Format: MKV
Duration: 36 Min
Size: 874 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


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