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Almost no time to get in and position myself, it was too fast, I was desperate to shit, so I shit, kept letting myself go until I had a battery in Mike’s genitals. I started masturbating Mike with my pasty shit and right after I sucked I got a strong taste because I ate a lot of meat the day before. As the taste was strong, I spit a lot while sucking Mike’s dick, rubbing my shit in the face to stay in touch, as I sucked the taste it became more evident on my tongue making me more excited, so Mike got up and I continued to suck him, until he gave me the signal that he wanted to come.
I started to chew Mike and suck his dick all dirty until he let the milk into my mouth. This fetish may seem to be Mike’s, but the truth is that this fetish and my taste for a dirty Blowjob, for Mike he only ate all my poop always, more as if he had to serve, I decide what is good for me, to satisfy myself and most important of all, my desires are above all.

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