Money or scat

This harlot is getting drunk and complaining about not having many customers in the club today, when Iohana, the nightclub owner, comes screaming and imposing her to give her the money she got from her jobs. The girl tries to explain that she didn’t make any money that night, but Iohana doesn’t accept it and gives an ultimatum: either the harlot gives her the money, or she will get scat in the face! The girl doesn’t believe what Iohana says, and the pimp torments her all the way to command respect: lift & carry, belly punch, foot worship, facesitting, trample… But nothing compares to the part where the harlot is imposed to ingest liquid diarrhea and with chunks of food coming from Iohana’s gut. It’s disgusting, and she still gargles and swallows the scat! Yuck!


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Giovanna’s Revenge


Giovanna finds Latifa flirting with her girlfriend Michelle and she gets very angry because she thought that Latifa was her friend. With Sabrina’s help, Giovanna and Michelle gave a great and merciless punishment to Latifa who will never forget this day. They pee on her mouth for her to swallow, then things get extreme with a lot of scat on her mouth as well. And it’s really A LOT of scat! They spread all of that shit on her face and body! There is so much scat that you can almost smell it.


The post Giovanna’s Revenge first appeared on Scat Website.