Liglee Poo Fetish starring in video liglee ($159.99 ScatShop) – amateurs scat

Liglee – Desperate Measures

Toilet is broken all else fails I urgently need to poo and the basin is where I do make a poo

Liglee – Lunch Time

liglee eats her cake then poops on her plate and takes her knife and fork and eats it all up

Liglee – Liglee Poo Fetish 2

Liglee does it every time! Her bum looks delightful as her chocolate log emerges.Mouth full of her fresh warm poo is what she thinks of her shit

Liglee – Perfect Smile

Got my mouth strapped up with tape,strip down to my naked body have a shit rip the tape off and begin to brush my perly whites…with my brown shit Dam i have perfect teeth

Liglee – Woof

Me in my bitch dog form Growling, panting and barking while pushing my poop out. On all fours sniffing and licking my mess

Liglee – My Dump Tastes Good

Poo on my bedroom floor,this time I pick it up and get to taste the sweetness in my poop

Liglee – Shh No One Knows

No one knows about my poo fetish, i love smelling my fresh shit just as it slips out my arse. It has such a sweet smell…and taste just by the way

Liglee – Shit In My Hole

so here i am on Easter Sunday feeling horny as hell and i just love having my privates in your faces.i love touching my fanny. I never knew my fanny would feel turned on as i think about putting my fingers in my asshole. And… the moment i do put my finger in my arse and feel that i have a warm turd inside, my fanny gets so wet… my fanny wants that hole of hers to be penetrated with the filth thats waiting inside my ass. i push my turd liaison out from inside me, then with 2 of my smelly fingers i fuck my shit straight back where it came …inside my hole

Liglee – Play With My Turd

After sometime of pushing my turd and sucking it back in i eventually push it all out and mould it into a cock like turd which i then suck on

Liglee – 3 In 1 Movie Set

smearing my shit, fucking my shithole with my hand thats full pf my shit and having my log in my mouth

Liglee – Poop Twerk

She takes a dump and smears her bum cheeks in her poo Does a quick poop twerk

Liglee – Desperate Jacket

Wearing my jacket on a cold winter morning. All of a sudden I desperately need to pop.Take my jacket off and poo on the outside of it, smearing my poo into my jacket then stuff it into a plastic bag ready to be tossed out

Liglee – Facia

Big load that comes out my ass.I get really dirty and smear my fresh warm dump all over my face and tits, licking my fingers clean inbetween

Liglee – In My Mouth

Shit on my feet and turn around to face my dump. Spitting on my shit,tasting it in my mouth

Liglee – 3 for 1 with liglee Live Scat Chat ($9.99 YezziClips)

Today I had a great taste for my dirty masturbation. First play with two dildos, I try one dick in my tight butt, it’s slow and it hurts a bit. I’m kneeling and pushing … at first my piss, pretty hot and scented … hmmmm.Yes, right now, shit out, it’s my big shit and it’s going slowly out of my fucking ass.Shit is fixed, I’ll take your hand and make a shape like dick.I take shit and start sucking.I’m excited and have to masturbate with shit.I’m blushing my breasts and shit on them.I am stroking pussy and sighing with pleasure.I love shit and play!

3 for 1 starring in video liglee

3 of my all time best movies available now for the price of 1
in this collection you will see me brushing my pearly whites with my fresh shit, sucking my shit load off, and smearing my poo all over my fishnet covered tits

1- in my mouth
2- sun up
3- perfect smile

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Duration: 17 Min
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The Nigerian scat files Vol. 2! (26.02.2021) 11,99$ (Premium User Request) via Ebony_princess [ BLACK FRIDAY]

Pinky_Prada and Sisters of Scat joined to watch me eating and smearing the HUUUUGE turd of my bestie Pinky while I shit for myself… they all watch me and help me doing a good clip for you guys

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Title: The Nigerian scat files Vol. 2!
Cast: Ebony_princess
Genre: Big shit, Efro, Groups/Couples, Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing
Duration: 00:03:33

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File: The Nigerian scat files Vol. 2!.mp4
Size: 452737596 bytes (431,76 MiB), duration: 00:03:33, avg.bitrate: 17004 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, mono (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920×1080, 90000,00 fps(r) (eng)