Lisa Domina – Extra Helpings For Shit Sissy ($29.99 ScatShop)

Mistress Lisa doesn’t believe in letting her shit go to waste. She starts off by taking a nice long smooth shit into a plastic container, then puts it into the freezer. A few days later she takes the container out again and takes another, more solid shit into the container. Back into the freezer it goes for safekeeping. The next morning she takes the container out and lets it defrost for a few hours. After it’s defrosted she cuts the shit up into bite sized pieces. She takes the meal to her Crossdressed sissy cuck Marsha, who has been tied up in a standing position all night. Marsha is in training to be Lisa’s slut-whore and personal toilet. As part of her training Lisa starves Marsha for 24 hours and has her tied up for long periods in uncomfortable positions wearing 6″ heels. Lisa decides to give Marsha a beating before allowing her to eat the 2 loads of shit. She works over the slut’s ass with a bamboo cane, single tailed whip, and heavy paddle till Marsha is crying. Then it’s shit eating time! She lowers Marsha down to her knees but still keeps her hands tied to the ceiling hook.

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Drink My Piss And Eat My Shit starring in video lisadomina ($8.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 08, 2021) – Toilet Slavery

Mistress Lisa Pisses in a wine glass and makes her toilet slave drink it, then shits on his chest. Her toilet slave is granted the honor of licking her asshole clean while she tortures his nipples. Then she puts her shit into his mouth where it belongs.

Length: 7:33s
Resolution: 640×480
Download Format: wmv
File Size: 112 MB

Everybody Loves My Piss starring in video lisadomina ($9.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 08, 2021) – Pee

It seems as though Mistress Lisa’s piss is in high demand. Her slaves will do anything to be around her to watch her piss. The clip starts out with Mistress Lisa in the bathroom going pee. She isn’t going in the toilet though. That would be a waste. Instead she pisses all over the floor and calls slave #1 in to clean it up. Once he cleans it up she feels the urge to go again so of course she pisses all over the floor and makes him wipe that up while she amuses herself by slapping and verbally humiliating him.
Scene two shows Mistress Lisa pissing on the bathroom floor again. (what a messy girl!) But this time she has a sissy piss maid on hand to clean the mess. After pissing on the floor she stands in the puddle and has the slave wipe it off her legs and high heels before cleaning the floor.
Scene 3 shows a different crossdressed sissy begging to be her piss slave while Lisa pisses in a chamberpot right in front of the thirsty slave. Afterwards she beats his ass with a paddle for fun.

Length: 5:03s
Resolution: 640×480
Download Format: wmv
File Size: 75 MB

Good Slaves Get Fed Twice starring in video lisadomina ($7.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 08, 2021) – Toilet Slavery

Mistress Lisa’s slaves need to eat, so of course she feeds them her shit. Her first slave has to kiss her high heeled shoes for the honor of eating her shit. He must have done a good job because she shits an enormous load into his mouth. Then she pisses in his mouth. Lisa feels the urge to go again so shits again into his mouth. The lucky slave’s mouth is only so big so some of the shit falls to the side. Not wanting to displease his goddess he quickly chews and swallows the mouthful so Lisa can shove the remaining shit into his mouth. The 2nd slave is a little less willing, so Lisa ties him to the bed. She spits into his mouth and smothers him with her ass. Then she uses his mouth as a toilet, filling his mouth with a nice firm log of shit as she talks to the viewer, letting you know what you’re going to get if you’re ever lucky enough to be used this way.

Length: 6:16s
Resolution: 720×480
Download Format: wmv
File Size: 93 MB

Toilet Training 101 starring in video lisadomina ($13.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 08, 2021) – Scat

This video starts with an amazing beat down. Mistress Lisa kicks, stomps, whips, canes, and face-slaps the helpless slave till he is whimpering and begging her to stop. All the while she’s letting him know that he is going to be her toilet. She shows no mercy whatsoever. Any resistance on his part brings on another round of kicks and punches. Finally Lisa decides to piss and positions her toilet slave with a shallow tray under his head. She lets loose with a hard piss that the slave can barely keep up with no matter how fast he swallows and gulps. Some spills and even worse- he pukes some out onto the tray. Lisa forces him to lick up the piss and vomit while she whips him. Lisa lets him know it’s time to use his mouth as her toilet and the battered slave is less than eager, which brings on another round of violent bitch-slaps. Not wanting the slave to back out, Lisa puts a mouth spreader in his mouth and perches her asshole right over the slaves mouth. She shits a nice hard mouthful right into his mouth which drops to the back of his throat, instantly making him gag. She shits out another big log all over his face. While the slave works on swallowing one mouthful and controlling his gag reflex Lisa wipes her ass and shoves the toilet paper into his mouth, releasing the mouth spreader so the lucky slave can chew. She gets a piece of plastic to hold the shit log and begins the process of forced feeding. She alternately encourages and reprimands her new toilet slave, spitting or slapping him depending on his rate of consumption, or in his case-flushing. If you love forced toilet training and wonder how a domme can turn a slave into a human toilet then this video is for you.

Length: 12:38s
Resolution: 640×480
Download Format: wmv
File Size: 187 MB

Tresspasser Turned Toilet starring in video lisadomina ($8.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 08, 2021) – Groups/Couples

One of Mistress Lisa’s fans has been stalking her and tresspasses onto her property. After chaining him to the floor you get to see Lisa have some fun torturing him and using him as her toilet. First she locks a mouth spreader into his mouth then uses a hand held shocker (not a TENS unit but the self defense kind used to incapacitate) to torture his nipples. Lisa giggles with amusement as the slave thrashes in agony. Then she attaches clamps to his fried nipples and pulls on them with a chain attachment while she kicks his body with her stiletto shoes. She just laughs at his screams of pain and verbally berates him even more. Next she pisses into a funnel container and forces the slave to drink it through a plastic tube. As the slave gags and moans in misery Lisa takes off her panties and positions her asshole over him and farts in his face. Then she shits into his mouth which is wide open thanks to the mouth spreader. Some of the shit has fallen to the side so she shoves the it back into his mouth and breaks out a giant black dildo which she uses to push and grind the shit deeper into his throat. Finally she turns him onto his stomach and puts a tray under his face with the remnants of the shit and vomit. She shoves his face into it, telling him to eat and not let any go to waste.

Length: 7:29s
Resolution: 640×480
Download Format: wmv
File Size: 97 MB