Madam Director Lola – Lets Do More (1080 HD)

A slave is bound in the basement very tightly underneath the Mastermind Crafts toilet chair. I enter silently and piss down its throat. It’s very challenging for the slave to swallow with its mouth held open by the clear pipe. A struggle is a good entertainment! Let’s do more challenging stuff! I want to see more struggling. I take a pretty sizable shit into the clear plastic bowl of the Mastermind Crafts apparatus. I push the shit down the clear plastic tube and into the slave with my fingers. I still can’t pack it far enough, so I get a toilet brush and pack it farther down into its body. The slave must hold My shit in its mouth for a while, which is actually more difficult than swallowing. Eventually, I remove the chair and make the slave suck the last of My shit from the toilet brush. I spit all over the face and in the eyes. The slave is so cold on the basement floor, he’s nearly hypothermic. You can see him shaking in the video. I know he wants to come up into the house where it’s warm, but I deny him this. He hasn’t totally satisfied Me with his suffering yet. I think he can still take more.