Marinayam19 – Period blood and Poop into public toilet ($12.99 ScatShop)

I start filming just outside the bathroom, go in there, and to the individual stall. I show off my bloody panties gusset, I pee and goos amount of blood comes out! Then I shit big time and after a bit of a glance, I had to say good bye to my mess! I know some say they can’t shit at public bathrooms but me? no problemo!

Marinayam19 – Maid makes a huge plate for Master ($13.99 ScatShop)

Master, I was just cleaning just as you asked me to, now I noticed you staring at me. I just opened my legs like you asked me to, I Have no idea what my next task you will give me but I will smile for you because making you happy is my most important job, you said.

I figured you wanted to eat so I put your favorite food called tits on my plate but you didn’t seem into it, now you tell me you want dessert called Shit, so I put an enormous amount of that on the plate for you,

I hope you dig in and enjoy the meal till you drop!