MissAnnasToilet – A Harsh Introduction ($10.99 ScatShop)

Hi boys. Thank you for your support and your comments. I will try to meet your requirements gradually. Today you will see harsh dirty masturbation with shit and vomiting. That’s exactly how I like it! I have the short shorts of the tights and I want them in the distance … amazing how far my urine is spraying.The urine is spraying, and the shit climbs out of my ass..I kneel on my knees and you can see pretty shit climb out of my ass.I’ll take off my shorts and you’ll see my ass all dirty from shit.Putting shit in my mouth and getting excited, Yes, whenever I feel my shit I must have an orgasm.I put the dirty shorts on my head and put my hand in my mouth and vomit …The orgasm is very close, I still have to hold it…This combination piss, vomit and shit is the combination for my orgasm!