Gourmet Kaviar cooks by Mistress Antonella ($17.99 ScatShop)

Very sexy Mistress Antonella wearing a wonderful body stocking and amazing thigh boots prepares a gastronomic meal with her own caviar accompanied by raspberry and banana and a sublime cocktail with her own Champagne accompanied by raspberry and strawberry.
Mistress Antonella soaks her beautiful dildo in her plate … it makes you want to lick everything with application.


MistressAntonellaSilicone – Tasty dessert for you! Redberry & melon with kaviar

Beautiful Goddess Antonella is preparing you dessert cause you have been a good boy so she will feed you. Redberry & melon with shit, directly from her hot asshole. First, she will give you a long fart so you can feel the aroma… Dessert served, now!


Mistress Antonella – Red berry, grapefruit, kiwi, caviar and champagne

Scat, Piss, Big shit, Solo, Smearing

Caviar, Champagne and red berry from Mistress Antonella. Mistress Antonella seats on her throne, she “invites” slaves to come and lick her boots. Then, she cooks a special meals, with her own Champagne and her caviar, in direct live from her. Then, she cooks caviar and red berry for slaves…

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Mistress Antonella – My slave is taste a nice caviar and drink my champagne

Scat, Piss, Eat shit, Drink pee, Domination, Smearing

My slave is taste a nice caviar and drink my champagne…

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Mistress Antonella – Luxury dinner for my slave

Scat, Piss, Big shit, Eat shit, Domination, Smearing

Luxury dinner for my slave…

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