I know how you Are Mistress T (Release date: Jun 07, 2021)

Mistress T knows you adore everything about her. “My sweat, my spit, my cunt juices, the way my feet and armpits smell, you love to look at me, lick me, touch me, you never get tired of me and I know that includes my golden nectar” she says as she pulls up her dress to reveal her adorable pussy with it’s little landing strip.

Through this POV scene Mistress T relieves herself in a dish and talks about your devotion to her and how serving her in this way is your purpose in life. When she has caught all her pee she tells you to lick her pussy clean and then while stroking yourself she wants you to cum while drinking all her nectar, as she holds the dish up to your mouth. So intimate, drinking what her body has produced.


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