MistressEvilyne – A Night At The Opera ($17.99 ScatShop)

Oh darling, you spoil me so much, I love it! You know all my favourite things! I’m really looking forward to our night out at the opera, I even wore my sexiest dress just for you!

But oh dear, I think I need to shit! Thank goodness we still have time before the taxi arrives. I’d hate to waste a good shit when I have a perfectly good husband to eat my shit instead!


MistressEvilyne – Are you ready to be my toilet? ($20.99 ScatShop)

Are you ready to be my toilet? I really need to shit! And guess what… You’re here. I’m going to use you… and there’s nothing you can do but submit to my desire.

Listen as I talk through everything I’m going to make you do – and follow my instructions carefully. Whilst I make myself pulsate and cum, by shitting on your face.

Remember…You’re so lucky to be my toilet bitch!