MsSherryBells – Sherrys shitty footing foot worship and eating (€15.99 YezzClips)

I tie my little virgin down with bondage tape and give him something to drink from my pussy. And then the whole fun begins. I sit right on the face of my toilet virgin for his chocolate training. My poor loser struggles a lot and needs lots of encouragment from his Scat Queen to keep the chocolate in his mouth. You will see me try different methods on him to make him chew and swallow: Empathy and stroking, as well as humiliation and straight-on cruel stuffing of his mouth… Watch this first-time toilet training in full length and from very close…

Sherry feeds and waters sub ($16.99 ScatShop)

This is probably the sexyest scat vid you have ever seen. Its full of really kinky really sexy moments with more twists and turns than a politicians manifesto. Loyal subster waits patiently for his queen, Beautiful Ms Sherry steps in and makes herself comfortable positioned perfectly over his face.
Naughty Sherry lets rip and pisses straight in subby’s mouth and up his nose choking and drowning him.
Watch the piss drinking wretch cough and splutter as he tries to drink the torrents of sweet nectar.

Once he is watered Sherry feeds him a huge sloppy turd straight from her ass. Subby does well and eats and swallows most of the gorgeous meat before Sherry forces her fingers into his mouth and down his throat choking him further. Never failing to shock Sherry then scoops her gorgeous shit from his mouth and feeds herself giving a superb show to the camera even dribbling the shit back into subby’s eager mouth. Filthy Sherry finishes off by fucking herself with her 12 inch BBC and stuffing it down Subby’s throat forcing the remaining shit down his neck Ms Sherry loves it as poor subby gags and nearly pukes.

This vid is a complete shit and piss fest and really puts Subby in his place. Its fucking awesome and will have you wanking like a demented teenager. Its guaranteed to completely hit your filth spot.

Sherry shits her knicks sub eats it starring in video MsSherryBells ($14.99 ScatShop) – Panty/Jean Pooping

Beautiful MsSherryBells pushes and strains to release a huge solid turd into her lacy white panties.
She then plays with the gorgeous love Boulder squishing it between her fingers and needing it into the fabric of her ruined knicker gusset.
Her loyal sub is on hand to finger blast her swollen sphincter giving her a quick anal squirting orgasm before he mines a gorgeous nugget from the depths of her inner sanctum.
Overjoyed at his prize hungry subby devours the sweet browny savouring the gorgeous flavours his mistress has created.
To his delight Ms Sherry then allows subby to relish the delights of her panties overwhelmed by his gift he shows his appreciation by licking sucking and eating the heavily soiled knickers.
Subby finishes off by swallowing pieces of turd choking and gagging as he washes them down his throat.
This is a full ten minutes of outrageous gorgeous shit eating filth.
Watch and wank.

Format: MP4
Duration: 10 Min
Size: 648 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


Sherry’s shitty footing, foot worship and eating starring in video MsSherryBells ($14.99 ScatShop)

This epic from Ms Sherry’s filth emporium will cater for many a kinksters need.
With a delightful mixture of foot worship, brutal footing, squirting, spunking, shit eating and spunk eating. The camera centres around Ms Sherry’s beautiful feet and features subby pleasuring them with all his worth in full close up HD.
In this film subby worships Ms Sherry’s beautiful red high heels licking sucking and kissing them the devotion is clear as they are removed to reveal Sherry’s beautiful bare toes and subby licks and devours these also.
Things really hot up in this vid naughty Sherry then tries to bury her size 8’s deep into poor subby’s tight little cunt, heeling and toeing it with all her might.
Desperate to get the whole shoe in and desperate to please his queen subby even removes the shoe in a bin to get the whole fucker in his arse.
Sherry has other ideas, taking advantage of the removed shoe she then goes for gold and rams her luscious tootsie right up subs delicate pussy, only leaving the tip of her heel exposed.
Watch in ore as nasty Sherry then kicks fuck out of poor subbies cunt making him uncontrollably squirt as he anally orgasms, shooting jets of cummy piss into the air and shitting all over Sherry’s foot in a display that wouldn’t look out of place alongside the Trevi Fountain.
This is an awesome show of uncontrollable forced ejaculation watch as Sherry times her thrusts perfectly working against subs anal convulsions, in an unrelenting gut wrenching anal orgasm fest.
Spent and completely fucked subby then makes good and sucks and licks Sherry’s shitty foot cleaning up the mess she just made him create.
In a final act of humiliation Sherry makes sub masturbate and drain the last few drops of spunk out of his knackered useless cock and allows him to sperm onto her foot.
Of course Sherry doesn’t want his filthy seed violating her beautiful skin and so she makes him lick and suck his devilish poison from her foot.
This is a gorgeously seductive film that has something for everyone and will especially please the foot worshippers out there.
Its a long clip so sit back get comfy and enjoy the spectacle.

Format: MP4
Duration: 20 Min
Size: 1416 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


Sherry fists sub then dines on turd starring in video MsSherryBells ($16.99 ScatShop)

Omg this girl is crazy.
This is another amazingly dirty and beautifully erotic video from the gorgeous Ms Sherry Bells.
Sherry starts of by warming herself up by riding on her favourite wand reaching an ear splitting screaming orgasm that would make Hugh Hefner sit up and take note.
Sherry then try’s her hand at making cocktails by squatting, pissing and shitting into her cocktail glass. Thirsty Sherry sips at her gorgeous aperitif before laying back and squirting a stunning fountain into the air creating a beautiful display of exploding firework crystal piss.
Watch as her gorgeous squirt cascades off the camera flooding the microphone making it gurgle and splutter as its drenched in piss.
Hungry Sherry then reaches for her glass fishes out the fruit and dines on her gorgeous turd giving us a filthy shit eating show.
Insatiable Sherry then summons her loyal sub smears her sweet shit over the cock and balls and treats it to a wonderful blow job and a ferocious wank.
Sneaky Sherry desperate for spunk wanks the shitty cock until it explodes over her face and in her mouth where she mixes subs special sauce with her shit creating wonderful flavours of shit and spunk.
Fucking hell I’m knackered just typing this.
The show doesn’t stop there full of spunk, piss and shit Sherry then fists herself wanking furiously before finishing herself off with another screaming orgasm.
All this is very thirsty work, Sherry dripping with spunk and shit then finishes off her cocktail draining the glass of the gorgeous shitty mix and covering her tits with the stuff that misses her mouth.
This is a fucking awesomely amazing disgustingly erotic shitty, spunky, pissy festival of gorgeousness.
Get it bought.
light some candles put some easy listening on the hifi and rip your cock to ribbons.

Format: MP4
Duration: 12 Min
Size: 264 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080