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I smoke a bit to wind down and enjoy my body. I get horny and start to play with my butt plug; pushing it in and out of my shitty ass. After relaxing and playing with my ass, I feel that I need to take a dump. I relieve myself by shitting on my blanket and pissing after I’m done. I take my shit in my hand, ball is up and smear it all over my ass. I lick my shitty fingers and finger my ass. I take my beads and fuck my ass deep.

Cleaning my Shitty Anal Beads starring in video NadiaCream ($7.99 ScatShop) – Poop Videos

After having my anal bead in for a few hours, I decide to clean my shit off of them. My mouth is salivating from the smell and look of the clumps of shit on my beads. I make sure to clean all my ass juice and scat off my beads.

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