[2019] Dirty Maryan – I Give birth to our baby turd [775 Mb / FHD]

I’ve been constipated for days and I feel that my insides are full of shit. My turd is now ready to come out.You fucked my poop hole so good that this is the result. I’m going to poop your cum out! I’m wearing black wet look leggings, bra and high heels. I tease you for a few minutes telling you how you fucked me and how I’m about to give birth to our baby turd. Are you as exited as I am?
In the next scene I lie on the floor, legs spread. I’m about to give birth to our baby turd! I feel it’s coming and start push so hard. A pee stream comes out of me… just broke my water! I have to push so hard and it hurts. Help me push honey!
After a few minutes of pushing I finally give birth to our baby turd and I feel so relieved! I hold it in my hands close to the camera. I’m sure we are going to have my other baby turds together, cause you can’t stop fucking my butthole!

Starring: Dirty Maryan
Genres: Scat, Extreme, Fetish Porn, Takefile.link Defecation, Indoors, HD-1080
True Release Year: 2019


Welcome to your new life toilet slave (Dirty Maryan) FHD

Welcome to your new life, toilet slave! You thought I would let you go home after this session, but you are so wrong! You are now my property. You will be locked forever and hooded permanently. You will lose your humanity. You are nothing to me but a toilet. Forget about eating fresh food because from now on you will only eat from my garbage can and consume my divine waste!

You have no name anymore. You are less than a rat, less than an insect. You are the inferior sex.Eating my waste is now your only purpose in life. You will spend the rest of your life beeing fed by me. You will consume my delicious caviar, golden nectar and my period blood.

Don’t you wanna eat my divine waste? Beg me to squat over your face and empty my bowels in your wide opened mouth! I will feed you now, toilet slave! Stop moving! You know there is no escape!

Feel the warm shit slide into your mouth. This is the highlight of your existence! Swallow everything and lick my ass clean. Enjoy every second of this moment out of your cage!

Cast: Dirty Maryan – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/dirty-maryan/


Pooping 2 times and putting finger in asshole (Dirty Maryan)

In the first scene I shit my ass facing you in my bathroom. A nice thick log comes out from my asshole and then I have to piss. I take my ass cheeks and spread them up, showing you my asshole. I stick a finger inside my asshole and show you my dirty finger. I repeat the process one more time, my finger is still dirty. I show you my poop from a closer angle so you can appreciate all the details of what just came out from my ass.

In the second scene I squat over a plate facing you. I take a shit in the plate and then pee in a plastic container. I wipe my ass and show you the toilet paper. I go on the floor and show you my swollen asshole and strain my butthole. A little bit of shit comes out. I stick a finger in my ass. I love the feeling of my finger in my ass when I just pooped! I wipe my ass again and show you the dirty paper. Then show you my shit close-up and at the end put my hand next to it so you can have an idea of its size.

Cast: Dirty Maryan – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/dirty-maryan/


Pooping facing you in my living room (Dirty Maryan)

In this clip I poop in a plate while facing you. It is hard poop in smaller quantity (type 2 of Bristol chart). Then I show my asshole while laying on my back. In the final scene I zoom the camera to show my poop in many angles.

Scat Model: Dirty Maryan – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/dirty-maryan/