Fanny Steel submissively eating poop and having scat sex with a guy

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Fanny Steel submissively eating poop and having scat sex with a guy 00000
Fanny Steel submissively eating poop and having scat sex with a guy 00001
Fanny Steel submissively eating poop and having scat sex with a guy 00002

Fanny Steel submissively eating poop and having scat sex with a guy.ScrinList

Found this video somewhere when lurking the internet and thought I would share it with you guys. I haven’t seen a video before where Fanny Steel actually is the one receiving scat, she’s usually giving it in a dominant way. In this video she is submissive.

I don’t know from where this video is and the quality is OK, could be worse, could definitely be better. But they didn’t make Full HD scat movies in her time.
Anyways, I was very happy when I found this because I’ve been searching for years trying to find a video where she is actually putting shit in her mouth. I didn’t think it existed until I found this scene.
The shit looks a bit fake to me honestly. I mean, they cut suspiciously everytime Fanny or the dude is about to poop, so you never actually see it come out of their asses. Either way, I’ll pretend it’s real, and maybe it is, who knows? Hopefully it is
This video includes scat smearing, scat kissing, scat in mouth, pissing (Fanny receiving), sucking, but no penetration.
This is my first upload here so bear with me if I did something wrong or missed something 🙂

Name: Fanny Steel submissively eating poop and having scat sex with a guy
Permission: SD
Duration: 00:13:28
File size : 361 MB
Resolution : 854 @ 480

Fanny_Steel_submissively_eating_poop_and_having_scat_sex_with_a_guy – (3 x 150 MB)

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Sperrgebiet Erotik 1 – FULL MOVIE (Ultra Rare with Fanny Steel)

Sperrgebiet Erotik 1

Sperrgebiet Erotik 1

The very first Sperrgebiet Erotik movie with lot of short scenes. There are group scats, scat dominations, shit into mouth directly, cock and ball torture & bondage, shit eating, fully shit covered bodies, anal stretching and fisting, BBW scat, vomit and everything that you can imagine and can’t even imagine.

Part 1 : Young blonde girl shit on a guy’s stomach and smudge the shit over his body. The second scene is a thresome scat domination with a MILF domina in fishnets and a young blonde girl who receive shit direct to her mouth, then smears it on her body. The third is a girl-guy scat play, and the last is a girl-girl.


Part 2 : A classic german scat montage video. In the first scene a pregnant girl with hot prego tits laying on a plastic sheet and get a pee to his body which get shiny and vet. The second scene a guy’s cock and ball get tied by a string very tight. The third scene a blonde girl drink pee direct from an other’s pussy. The fourth is on a table where a girl shit into a plate. And there are more scenes in this montage.


Part 3 : Fanny and Titus Steel (Venus Award winner) playing with two Barbie dolls, while she blows him, he puts her a doll’s leg in her asshole, fucking first fanny, then he lifts the skirt of Barbie doll and squirts on her pussy. Finally Fanny shits on both dolls and plays with them.


Part 4 : There are lot of scenes in this classic german scat video. The first is a cock trampling with a young tattooed guy. The second scene a girl with pee covered hair receive faeces to her mouth directly. The third scene a guy with pornstache get split in his mouth. And there are more scenes. The longest is with an anal stretcher which gets filled with pee, then her ass and legs get covered with shit completely.


Part 5 : There are 3 scenes in this classic german scat movie. In the first an old man laying on the ground in the nature and get shit to her mouth from a young, chubby girl. Then a really overweight BBW granny comes and shit a lot to his body which get smeared. The next scene is on the hood of a car where a girl shit on it. The last scene is a scat domination with a guy in gimpsuit, a girl slave and a mistress and also lot of shit involved.


STARRING : Fanny Steel and other artists


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Scat, Shit, Kaviar, Extreme, Fetish, Copro

LENGHT : 1 Hour 27 Minutes 51 Seconds

SIZE : 699,4 Mb






A german scat movie with 3 scenes.

In the first scene a group of girls do some dirty play in the living room, at first they just do regular things, then start to pee into mouth and receive shit to mouth direct from ass & smudge it to cover their bodies and rubbing it to each other… Foursome scat with 1 MILF brunette and 3 young girls. They caress the MILF in bed, then she croutch under them and they start to pee in her mouth. After that she lick their ass, then one of them starts to shit in her hands and mouth and she really likes it. She spreads the shit in her and their body and lick from it.


The second scene is outdoors in the nature where a guy fuck a girl next to the forest, pee on her body, then he lay on the ground and the girl shit to his dick, cover it and clean with blowjob…. A guy and a brunette girl meet in a dirt road and she starts to give him deepthroat. Then he pee directly to her mouth and fuck her from behind. After he done with the anal, he lay on the ground and she start to pee and shit on his cock and suck it. Then an other girl joins them and she release lot of shit to the brunette girl’s mouth.


The third scene is a threesome scat with 2 girls and a bald guy who get covered with shit and the girls give him pleasure… Bald guy with 2 girls in a couch. They start to give him a handjob, then pee and shit on his dick. When it fully covered with spreaded shit, they start to give him footjob and some blowjob too.


STARRING : Fanny Steel and other artists


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Scat, Copro, Shitting, Excrements, Pee, Defecation, Pissing, Shit, Kaviar

LENGHT : 1 Hour 19 Minutes 18 Seconds

SIZE : 509,3



Sperrgebiet Erotik 33 – FULL MOVIE

Sperrgebiet Erotik 33

Sperrgebiet Erotik 33

The full movie (for download scat/copro full movies – of the premium series from SG Video. A lot of scat and pee is guaranteed in this full movies! Lesbian girls drink champagne and smoke cigar on couch then they start do some pee action and lick pussy. After that one of them start to shit to an other mouth while she licks her ass and she really enjoys it, spread the whole creme to her ass and lick it from her boots. Then an other scene comes where a guy fucks a woman on table while an other girl shit in her mouth then she gives him a blowjob with her shitty mouth.

Scene 1Five young girls drinks champagne and smokes cigar on couch and start doing some piss action. A brunette MILF crawl to every girls’ pussy and they start to pee to her mouth. Then they do some scat action and they shit on her hand and she starts to spread shit to their whole body.


Scene 2Scat movie with 1 guy and 3 girls. One of the girls lay down on table and the guy starts to fuck her and pee on her body, and it’s get shiny and wet. Then an other girls joins and she pee on her too and shit to her face and she really enjoys it. Starts to eat it with spoon and lick it from the other girls feet.


Scene 3 : Threesome lesbian scat video in standard-definition. Hot redhead in transparent nightclothes makes out with blondie in cute and colorful stripped socks. When the redhead leaves, a MILF join to the blondie and start to lick her feet. She start to piss and shit on her hands and she really likes to eat it from her fingers.


Scene 4 : Hot blondie in pink scarf masturbates on couch when a brunette girl shows up and she really wants to lick her pussy and get pee to her mouth. She licks her feet, suck her nipples then start to do some scat action. The blondie shit to her hands and she spreads it to both of their body then lick it.


STARRING : Fanny Steel and Other Girls


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Kaviar, Shit, Scat, Shitting, Copro, Group Shit Action, Scattering, Extreme Scat

LENGHT : 1 Hour 45 Minutes 52 Seconds

SIZE : 678,1 mb



Sperrgebiet Erotik 20 – FULL MOVIE (Tivi, Tima, Fanny Steel, Silvia, Annamaria and Zigaunerin)

Sperrgebiet Erotik 20

Sperrgebiet Erotik 20

The full movie of the premium series from SG Video. A lot of scat and pee is guaranteed in this full movies!

In the first scene a girl is suspended in the basement by her legs and shit to 2 other girls hands, then they spread it to her legs and then start to eat it…. Silvia and Annamaria are under a Zigaunerin sitting 1.60 meters in height with her legs spread in two tonerings. The two pick with their fingers the shit out of her fresh asshole, they rub their feet an order, which they gleefully lick. Then they pick each other’s shit out of their extinguishers.


Scene 2 is a solo scene comes with a blondie who piss and shit in bed…. Fanny in a white corset with garters talks to you, she puts her fingers deep into her asshole and keeps it in the camera so that you have the feeling you could smell their poop. She encourages you with awesome words to jerk your cock. After she made her piss and a huge pile of shit on her bed, she stretches out against her ass and asks you to lick him clean.


The third scene is near a lake with many participants who shit on each other, cover their body with shit and fuck…. Super Teen Tivi, Tima, a friend un two guys on the beach where Tima and one of the guys are really vollgeschiessen nd kissing intensely with their kaviarverschmiertemn faces, licking and sucking. Tima course of two swallows all the sperm with relish.


The fourth scene is in a cage with a blondie in chain who shit on the floor then dip her doll to it….. A tall, blonde, 19 years old girl closed to a prison cell in a basement dungeon and get chained to the bed. She start fingering her ass and her fresh, pink pussy, then pee and shit to her Barbie doll, dip it’s hair to the shit and start stiring it, then trample on it with her high-heeled white leather boots.


The last, scene 5 is in a meadow where girls shit on each other’s body…. Super teens Tivi, Tima and two 18 year old girlfriends are sitting on a meadow naked, talking and playing with each other’s pussy, then one of them sit on an other and start shitting on her from her hairy ass & put a really nasty liquid shit to her chest.


STARRING : Tivi, TimaFanny SteelSilvia, Annamaria and Zigaunerin


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Kaviar, Shitting, Scat, Copro, Girls Shittining, Scattering, Girl on Girl, Group Scat

LENGHT : 1 Hour 16 Minutes 55 Seconds

SIZE : 452,3 mb






In the fist scene Fanny in a corn field eating a chocolate bar and asks you if you are in the mood for her natural chocolate. She pee on the ground, then put the chocolate bar to her ass and start shitting enormous bricks to the ground, then pick a corn and start to masturbate with it. After she dip it in shit and use it as a dildo to her ass.

The second scene Fanny has offered you all their naked body parts, then she pisses as if they would you piss in your mouth. Finally, she poops a really thick turd, rubs her feet a so, stretches the feet as in the camera that you have the feeling to be able to lick her while she asks to inject you.

The third scene is also with Fanny who meet Titus Steel (Venus Award winner) once again his heart’s desire. She plays him against a corrupt whore who met him his dirty piss and caviar wishes. Slutty bubbles, but he can inject only if he watches as Fanny shits and he has the smell their smelly shit in his nose.

And there are other 3 more scenes…

Scene 4 : Beatrix enjoys the middle of the freezing winter on a verscheiten meadow, the warm, freshly squeezed from the ass Kakcke with her lesbian girlfriend. (Something warm person needs.) Intensive caviar kisses

Scene 5 : Slim hot brunette Fanny talk near a car in forest in cellphone, waiting for a guy. When she tired of waiting, she get near a log and pee on it. When she done, she also release a big pile of shit on it, then wipe her ass with toilet paper. Then put a stick to her shit and a leaves flag to it’s top.

Scene 6 : Fanny do her daily routine in the bathroom: wash her teeths then go to shower where she start foaming her body and when it gets shiny and wet she put shaving foam to her pussy and start to trim it with razor. When she done she pee on the mirror which she placed to the floor, then put a shit on it and sit on it, then clean it up in the shower.

STARRING : Fanny Steel, Titus Steel and Beatrix


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Pissing, Shitting, Kaviar, Extreme Sex, Fetish Sex, Toilet Fetish, Shit, Excrements, Copro

LENGHT : 1 Hour 13 Minutes 58 Seconds

SIZE : 700,2 mb