GoddessTempest – Goddess Tempest – My Best Shits 12

My Best Shits 12 brings you my best shitting scenes from my top seller toilet slavery videos. Enjoy half an hour of seeing me taking shits in people’s mouths and pleasuring myself, seeing me orgasm repeatedly while watching people eat my shit! Compliments of:

“BROKEN TOILET 49 – ORGASMIC SHIT” – It was one of THOSE bowel movements. Besides the fact that it was really big. It’s one of those ones that feels so fucking good pushing out you can’t help but squirm and moan loudly from the intense pleasure and relief it gives you. If you’re a fan of seeing a woman reaching orgasm from taking a massive shit into someone’s mouth and reaching orgasm as he eats her bowel movement under her you better keep reading!

Showing you my most intimate & vulnerable side in this video. It’s no secret that I get turned on and highly aroused by taking a shit in someone’s mouth. But it’s not that often my urge for orgasmic release get so intense that I can’t help myself and start to orgasm on camera.

I don’t script my Broken Toilet videos and I just go with the flow and say & do what I feel like in the moment. It was such a big shit that I took in his mouth that my arousal went through the roof. The fact that my slave is so devoted that he kept on eating and swallowing as I kept shitting despite the suffering & discomfort it brings him only made my urge to release that much more.

I had a somewhat intimate moment with him, holding onto his arm during my very loud moans of my orgasm. Well….I was shitting in his mouth and cumming right in his face so showing him a little affection shouldn’t be a problem. Afterwards I looked down at him. Couldn’t help laughing right in his face as I talked to him, asking him how much he enjoy eating my shit lol It feels good for me watching my toilets in action, consuming the rest of my waste while I talk to them. He is indeed lucky he gets such opportunities like eating my shit. It’s very special being a toilet for a woman like me

“BROKEN TOILET 50 – GODDESS CUM!” – You are in for a real female orgasmic scat treat with THIS video of mine. There’s a LOT of things you can fake but one thing you simply can’t fake is girl cum (virginal secretions) that leaks out of your pussy during a powerful multiple orgasm right on camera.

Being a human toilet for me takes a lot of sacrifice because it’s about MY comfort and MY orgasmic pleasure from taking a big shit in your mouth as you will clearly see in this video. I love the fact that I don’t have to act or use cheap trickery. I LOVE having my asshole licked and I love even more to reward my ass licking slave by taking a big stinking shit right into his mouth.


Lesbian Farting Complilations starring in video GoddessTempest (Release date: May 05, 2021) ($23.99 ScatShop)

Lesbian Farting Compilations brings you the very erotic scenes from my two top seller Lesbian Farting videos. I even included the scene of me sitting naked on Chanelle’s face and riding her face while she was sticking her tongue right up my ass.

Chanelle is my very best girl slave because she knows what I like and she doesn’t mind sticking her tongue deep up my ass so I can fart right into her mouth. It’s the highest form of respect one woman can show another woman. By licking her ass while she farts right into your mouth and face. I just love feeling another girl’s tongue vibrate against my asshole when I fart into her mouth and knowing she is actually smelling and tasting my farts. If you love seeing girls Farting into each other’s mouths and faces then this Lesbian Farting compilation video of mine is a must for you. Compliments of:

Lesbian Farts – Girls wanting to have some fun by having one farting in the other one’s face early in the morning. Loads of fun! Very carefully controlled diet allows me to blow massive amounts of stinky gas right out of my cute little bottom.

In this video I put Chanelle to the ultimate test early in the morning. Still wearing my cute pajamas she brings her face close to my bottom as I really need to fart. I later grab her by the back of her head and push her face right into my small, warm & soft bottom for the next couple of stinky ones. She inhales deep to ensure I don’t have to smell them. She’s the best girlfriend ever!

But I want to make it even more special with direct skin on skin contact. So I take my pajama pants of in full view for you. The real fun starts now as I get onto all four’s onto the bed with her on her knees behind me. Now she press her face into my naked bottom so she can lick my ass deep and work her tongue into my rectum to tongue fuck a few more farts loose. Feels amazing to fart on her warm & soft facial skin.

If you think it can’t get any better you’ll be wrong! Watch how I ask Chanelle to lick my ass AGAIN. She puts her mouth nice & tight over my little asshole and tongue my ass deep when I start farting again. Right against her tongue & deep into her mouth. You can actually hear the muffled sound of my farts exploding against her tongue as she eats my smelly gas. I even lift my shirt during farting to show you there’s no hidden devices, all those loud & explosive farts you hear are 100% real coming out of my colon.

It was erotic beyond words feeling my anus vibrate against her tongue during the farting so afterwards I sat down nude on her face and started to ride her face bringing myself to climax. With her tongue up my ass & her nose in my soaking wet vagina we were both in heaven.

Lesbian Farts 2 – If there’s one thing I love it’s feeling another girls nose in my ass crack when I pass gas. It’s something very special between two girls when one puts her nose right up another girl’s asshole when she farts.

At first it was like my farts were shy, they didn’t want to come out right away. But not too long I started to blow loud, nasty and smelly farts right into Chanelle’s face. I pushed her face right into my beautiful Goddess ass crack as I farted and like a good girl she sniffed my nasty farts in order to ensure her queen doesn’t have to smell them.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

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Shitting In Your Mouth starring in video GoddessTempest ($14.99 ScatShop)

You know what it feels like after a good night out? When you over indulged the night before be eating and drinking too much?

That next day your stomach is all queasy with those cramps on your lower abdomen that gives you Goosebumps? You want to know what really helps for that?

You lay on your stomach and have someone lick your ass. This is however a very unpleasant task for the one who has to do the licking because after such a night your asshole is all smelly and gross. Not to mention the person licking is going to very likely taste a bit more than just your asshole.

Luckily I’m one of the very few women who own a male slave who was born into this world for the sole purpose of ensuring my comfort and pleasure even if it means he has to endure high levels of unpleasantness and suffering.

You will notice a few times while he is licking my ass deeply for me that I relax my asshole completely so his tongue can gain even deeper access into my ass. He mentioned that he can actually taste I need to go to the bathroom and I told him I can feel it.

But since it felt good I decided not to get up and go to the toilet but rather let him continue to eat my ass deep because it felt really good for ME at the time. Make no mistake. I was well aware he was tasting my waste back there because I felt his tongue made contact with it in my asshole. I just did not care because it felt great.

A few times he mentioned the taste is getting really nasty and strong now and I merely replied I can feel the need is also getting very strong. However I made him continue because feeling his tongue constantly probing into my waste back there felt fucking amazing. It felt so good that I moaned in pure delight.

Eventually the cramps and urge got to intense and I told him I want to take a shit in his mouth. Why would I walk all the way to the toilet while I have a perfect mouth right there by my asshole?

Like any good toilet slave he put his wide open mouth nice and tight over my asshole, ready to accept his nasty fate for my pleasure.

These hungover shits are the BEST! I could feel my turds were really thick but with that nasty warm creamy shit coating filling his mouth. Feeling him doing his best to keep up chewing and swallowing back there in perfect view of the camera only made my big bowel movement that more enjoyable. I pushed out multiple of those thick turds and the last two were really soft and creamy. I could feel him eating and swallowing it from between my ass cheeks right out of my perfect asshole.

What truly felt amazing is something that never happens. Halfway through eating he started to vomit my shit back up into my ass cheeks. Felt so warm and amazing. Especially when he started eating the vomit shit between my ass cheeks. To make sure he gets the message that he WILL EAT ALL MY SHIT I shit some more for him to swallow along with the vomit shit soup sludge. Making him suffer so intensely is so arousing!

It really was a MASSIVE shit because I had very big meals and lots of drinks the previous day but he literally ate EVERYTHING for me. He is such an amazing toilet slave!

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

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GoddessTempest – Best Lesbian Scat Swallow Moments 4

Groups, Couples, Poop Videos, Scat, Toilet Slavery

“Best Lesbian Scat Swallow Moments 4” brings you quite an intense level of Lesbian Shit Eating. I put Chanelle through the ultimate test as a toilet in this one because there are scenes where she is not only eating my shit but also multiple turds from other women as well. She had to chew and swallow multiple loads of turds from a young girl called Nandie. Nandie paid me a visit for over a week and we helped her to take a shit in plastic bags a total of SEVEN times. We kept it frozen until Chanelle’s arrival. You can see me spoon feeding Chanelle Nandie’s shit, a whole week’s worth of it. She managed to get down an impressive amount of the young girl’s SEVEL bowel movements before I shoved her entire face into the bowl of the young girl’s shit. It’s the ultimate in shit eating. I also made her lick the soiled crotch and ass part of sss s Nandie’s panties that she wore an entire TEN DAYS! In other scenes you also get to see me taking a very sss soft, almost runny diarhea like shit in her mouth and over her face as I squatted above her in the bath sss tub. You can see on the grin on my face how much I enjoyed watching her swallow my nasty shit. All these ss scenes in this amazing near 50 minute Lesbian Shit Eating video is with compliments from my best selling ss Lesbian Toilet videos: “Lesbian Toilet 8 – You Will Suffer” – It was clear what will happen to this girl in today’s Lesbian Toilet. She was in the very fortunate position today of experiencing something very few sss people in the world have. To experience the maximum amount of STINK my body can offer. It was a golden ssss opportunity to push my female slave Chanelle to her very limits and make her really suffer for my sadistic enjoyment. But it gets better and even more sadistic. After a week of no bathing my ass was extremely ripe and sticky with my ass sweat. So I made her smell my ass just for you! It’s so wonderful seeing one girl s bringing her nose up close to another girl’s stinky & ripe asshole. Smelling her ass stink and not stopping because she wants to please the girl whom owns her as a slave. I got so aroused I told her she may now wash my ripe & smelly ass with her tongue and she THANKED me for the opportunity! Some very nice close-up scenes where you can see her big & long tongue washing the stink off from my asshole’s surrounding skin as well as my asshole. After such a long time of not washing my ass the cool & soft wetness of her tongue felt so ssss amazing against and deep in my asshole that I let go and enjoyed a little orgasm moment. You can even see s goosebumps forming on my ass cheeks as well as surrounding skin of my asshole from the intense feeling of s pleasure this girl on girl rimjob brought me. Finally it was time for her to receive the biggest possible s honor a slave like she can experience. The opportunity of me taking a shit right into her open mouth and ss swallowing my shit, making it part of her. What more can a girl slave ask for? To have her girl owner shit right into her mouth. I have a pretty nasty shit to be honest. I at a meal the previous day drenched in ss union slices and garlic. It’s any human toilet’s nightmare. But Chanelle came through as usual chewing and swallowing this nasty bowel movement of mine. “Lesbian Toilet 9 – Epic Multiple Feed!” – You’ve been sss ss waiting in anticipation to see me push my female toilet slave Chanelle to her limits. Turns out, she has ss one haha. Over the past two weeks it was a busy time here in House Tempest with preparations for aaa aaa aa Channelle’s multiple feed. My former female slave Nandie (many of you know her from social media) offered a to help out a little since she was in the area. For a week she stopped by House Tempest every morning, aaaa taking a shit into a bag for us. We collected a total of seven of her bowel movements over eight days which we have frozen. If you remember from my previous two videos “Pooping And Fingering My Own Ass” as well as a “Tongue Fuck Ass Orgasm” I also collected my own poop in a bag to be frozen. In total there was ten bowel a movements for Chanelle to consume between Nandie and I, quite the impossible task for poor Chanelle. We aaa start off the video with me showing you a little of the defrosting proses of these bowel movements before a we get to the part you’ve all been waiting for. Chanelle is a bit jealous of Nandie (those of you whom know her on social media will agree she is a beautiful girl) So my sadistic mind went into over drive. I made aa her smell Nandie’s pantie, especially the part of the pantie fabric that was in firm contact with Nandie’s asshole. Despite it being a black pantie you can see the nastiness of her anal area that made contact with it. Nandie also masturbated and reached orgasm in those panties for me. Her pussy juice streaks very aaa a visible. I made Chanelle sniff and lick that part as well. Tasting the pussy juices of Nandie and knowing it was produced during her orgasms. Chanelle did receive a couple of slaps from me as well. I do NOT aaaa a tolerate slaves ignoring me when I ask questions! A slap or two quickly reminded her just how short my aaaa temper is and how easily I can be provoked. Can you imagine how humiliating this must be for Chanelle? aaaa Nandie is in her twenties and she is a perfect 10 when it comes to beauty, not to mention her killer body. It’s no secret that Chanelle is quite jealous of her. And now she was ordered to smell and lick the girl aa who she’s jealous of asshole smell on her panties. But it gets worse for Chanelle. I started her off with a Nandie’s bowel movements to see if she can consume it all before she gets to mine. Turns out she couldn’t. In her defense, I can’t blame her and coming from ME saying that must tell you something. I have smelled aa shit before, even ate some myself but Nandie’s shit has a smell unlike anything I smelled before. She did a manage to eat roughly a third of all the shit in total (give or take three large bowel movements of Nandie) I fed her bite for bite with a spoon! From around 28 minutes you’ll notice I increased the speed of her aaa feeding. From 28:45 onwards she almost lost control over her gag reflex a couple of times. I could see she was on the brink of starting to vomit. Since many are not a fan of vomit scenes I didn’t film that. Either way I got sadistic and ordered Chanelle to remove her mask, that’s right! I had her take it off and then I shoved her face into the massive amount of Nandie’s shit remaining in the bowel. She couldn’t breathe so a she had to eat a whole into Nandie’s shit to get air. Her face left a large impression in Nandie’s bowel a movements. Quite fun! As I finally let her up she was on the verge of tears with Nandie’s shit covering her face and being in her nostrils. I enjoy it so much that I can’t help but laugh at her. I’m not easily aaa a impressed but Chanelle has truly impressed me by eating so much of Nandie’s shit. The smell of it so heavy and intense that I almost vomited myself by just feeding it to her with a spoon. This girl has a stomach of steel! Even Devoted Sub (my daily toilet for years and a toilet for other women as well) admitted he aaaa a would’ve failed a lot sooner than Chanelle. Filmed from multiple angles to ensure you don’t miss any of aa Chanelle’s swallowing action as she eats Nandie’s shit. Disclosure: Nandie is not comfortable being filmed for these types of videos due to labor as well as privacy issues and I have to respect her decision. Those of you who know her are welcome to talk to her but please understand I can’t and never will disclose her aa private information or any footage of herself ?? Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips!

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GoddessTempest – Best Lesbian Scat Swallow Moments 3

Groups, Couples, Pee, Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Toilet Slavery

“Best Lesbian Scat Swallow Moments 3” brings you yet again a near half hour video packed with a women swallowing my shit. I mean LTERALLY licking, sucking and chewing my turds right out of my asshole to enhance my pleasure. Those who bought my clips before know I’m well known for taking huge shits and aaaa a Chanelle likes showing me how well she can eat my shit. Only the best lesbian shit eating scenes are good enough for my fans and this video brings you those very best scenes. From me staying in bed while Chanelle tongue fucks my ass until I take a massive shit in her mouth and orgasm while she swallow most of my shit and grind her face into my shit smeared ass while tongue fucking the rest of my soft shit out of my rectum right to the scenes where I use her as a full consumption toilet in my kitchen when I need to take a big a shit in her mouth first thing in the morning. Giving her a proper feeding in my toilet chair for all of you to see. Compliments of my best seller Lesbian Scat videos: “Lesbian Toilet 6 – Ass Fuck With Tongue” – aaa COLLECTORS CLIP!!! Read on, check the “Gif” as well as other pictures and you WILL understand I have good a reason for saying that. Keep reading, I PROMISE it’s worth it….. During Chanelle’s ten day stay there was a full three days I wasn’t able to take a shit. When it was finally time that morning I KNEW it was going to be a HUGE load of shit coming out of me. Keep in mind Chanelle only eats what comes out of my body during a her visits (please NEVER try this yourself unless you know what you’re doing) I decided to give Chanelle a treat by feeding her in bed and what a meal it was! Keep in mind the longer you don’t shit the worse it is for the slave. Not only because you shit larger loads but because it smells and taste a LOT worse the aaa a longer it stays in your colon. We “spooned” in opposite directions as you can see in the photo’s and aaa a Chanelle had to lick my unwashed ass hard (Doesn’t matter that she’s also a woman, she also has to earn her meals like any other good toilet slave) As she gently fucked my asshole with her tongue working it in and a out of my full rectum I pushed gently to ensure the tip of her tongue makes constant contact with the tip a of my turd. Feeling the intense pleasure of having my full rectum fucked by her tongue WHILE knowing she aa has to endure the taste of my filth in there just intensified my climax. Finally after a few minutes of aaa enjoying this pleasurable feeling at HER expense I gave a proper push and the most insane & longest thick a and creamy turd started sliding out of my asshole into her mouth. Chanelle swallowed like the ultimate aaaa toilet slave champion (guess she was hungry) She LITERALLY swallowed with the same speed it was sliding out of my ass, she swallowed the whole thing basically whole. But filmed from two angles you won’t miss aaaaa a anything, you can see at least an inch or two of constant sliding turd being guided the entire time by her eager tongue despite the horrific smell. At one point there was a gentle reminder from Devoted Sub towards her not to swallow everything as my last softer & creamier turd slid over her lips and my ass cheek. THAT one was excellent for smearing so NOW the real fun was about to start (well….for ME anyway) Chanelle aaa a smeared my little bottom and packed it tight with my last soft shit, then pressed her entire face into my filth and tongue fucked my asshole deep. Within seconds I was in orgasmic heaven as one multiple orgasm a after another hit me for several minutes. It was like a shit war down there between my rectum and her aaa tongue, my shit going back and forth, in and out only intensified my multiple orgasms that much more. aaa Multiple views including close-up action of Chanelle’s tongue literally fucking the last messy flith and rectal secretions out of my rectum, my face and vocal sounds during these long & intense multiple orgasms. Even close-up shots of my upper body as well as my hands so you can see exactly how intense and pleasurable these orgasms were. You can see my hands involuntarily contracting with my orgasm & colon contractions, all in close & crystal clear view for you to enjoy. In the close up views of her tongue fucking everything out of my rectum I lost all control over my bowels due to the intense orgasm contractions and unloaded the aaa nastiest filth into her mouth. Show showed the ultimate compassion, love, respect and devotion towards me but remaining composed, swallowing my nasty runny filth while keeping on tongue fucking my asshole & rectum to ensure my multiple orgasms are not interrupted. It’s those kind of things between two women who makes aa this such an AMAZING experience that words to describe it completely still have to be invented. You’re aaaa going to see so much of all of this in this particular video, hence the reason I say it’s a true aaaaa aaaa collector’s video. “Lesbian Toilet 7 – Turds For Breakfast” – I thought it was time to show you what I did with my female toilet slave Chanelle on a daily basis. It’s one thing for a woman to use another woman as a toilet. But making her suffer a little longer and adding the humiliation factor is another. She wasn’t aaa allowed to swallow in this particular scene, but keep reading because you’ll LOVE this form of intimate aaa toilet play. It started with me taking my first morning piss in her mouth. She drank most of it but I aaaaa enjoyed it so push I let my full bladder go and pissed all over her face. When I was done I left her JUST a LIKE THAT! Laying with her head in a puddle of my piss for two hours. Later that morning after my third cup of coffee the stirring in my bowels told me it was time to go take a shit. By this time Chanelle’s thick & silky hair soaked up most of my piss. As I ate mostly foods with loads of union & garlic you can only aaaa IMAGINE the horrible stench, the taste would be much worse. I took a big & nasty shit in her mouth SLOWLY to prolong her suffering. Sat for a while after I was done smiling and then I took my time wiping my ass a while remaining seated on the toilet chair above her. Now remember, she has a mouth & throat FULL of my aa nasty filth from my beautiful Goddess body and seeing my slender hand gently folding each piece of toilet paper and wiping my dirty & tight little asshole above her. Some of my filthy toilet paper I dropped in aa there with her. This is very humbling for any woman enduring this for another woman she considers her aaaa owner. Two women, one willingly be a full toilet for another is such erotic humiliation, not to mention aaa special and intimate. Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips!

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