Christmas Tree Destroyed with Farts and Diarrhea starring in video Goddess Zaleya (38.99€ YezzClips) – diarrhea

was checking the Christmas presents when IT Commenced! The hurricane! Farting after farting until I got angry and begun to ruin the Christmas tree by removing each decoration. For each decoration I did a fart. Santa loved it. Santa loves booty and farts. Santa is a pervert. Thats why he has given me so many boots. Because I am a girl with a big juicy ass. Perfect for Santa. After I was done with the decorations, I took my pink strap on and told Santa Ill fuck his ass hard for this delight he has given to me. At the end, I laid on the floor, with a roller, on my belly, with my ass up so that Ill remove all the farts.The next morning, after an intense gym workout, I decided to ruin the Christmas Tree with a smelly diarrhea next to it! Enjoy my sexy ass doing stinky farts and a diarrhea!

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Duration: 13 Min
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Farting and Dirty Scat in My Kitchen starring in video Goddess Zaleya (18.99€ YezzClips) – new scat

I was so bloated Ive eaten beans so I determined to make an orange juice to feel better. While preparing it, I pants exploded in farts, farts, farts! I pull down my pants to fart better and not to make them stinky and again farts, farts, farts! You can love my delicious arse farting non stop! My slave ultimately arrived and I used him as my farts inhaler because I dont want the kitchen to be smelly. After the farts explosion, I felt desperate to release my chocolate and got unclothed, wearing just pantyhose and a bra and filled his mouth with my brown. I wiped my ass with hygienic paper and let it in his mouth, using him like a real toilet chair that absorbs everything and flushes the unneeded things. P. S. Since some of you buy my clips to make profit, I decided to put a watermark on the clip. My videos are mine and only min, you have no right to resell them. I record my clips for my scat fans only and the purpose of purchasing the video is to enjoy it at home, to jerk off at it!

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